damtoys website getting an update


Dam will be updating their website soon. I wonder what they have in store for this years SHCC Exhibition. An exclusive figure for sure but what else is on the horizon? Canadian SF, one can dream right?

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one can wonder of al the fantastic things

Still down. Probably relying totally on FB now.

Never give up, sez I.

uh oh, expired web domain.


roughly translated:
Your space has been suspended due to expiration without renewal. Please renew your subscription as soon as possible to restore normal!

I don’t really think they were ever going to get that finished anyway.

That will just be the server host they were using at the time versus the actual domain itself, which hasn’t changed hands and runs till 2021 when it will autorenew. Most likely moving the redesigned site to a new host or don’t want to keep paying monthly fees while they wait to relaunch. They seem quite a bit busier on the product side than marketing side these days.

Looks like the website is up and running.

still showing error from here. they really should just focus on facebook or twitter and speed up their production time, no need to establish a website.

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Yeah, same. Anyhow, finallllyyyyy! I can’t wait tilll it launches.

Hmmm that’s weird. Here’s what I’m seeing.

Here’s my POV, maybe because I’m using VPN?

works fine for mee too. I use no VPN.