DEA Task Force Colombia | Narco-Terrorism & Jungle Operations Group

So this is my DEA JTTF Narco-Terrorism & Jungle Operations Group. I realize this is more of a fantasy bash, as the DEA is in Colombia for strictly advisory purposes. As I researched for a generic patch, I kept finding countless different DEA patches online.

Every project is helping me learn to take better photos, not to mention my photoshop skills. If anyone else is looking to use a decent (and free) photoshop alternative was what I used for this shoot. Anyways here is the result…

Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 6.13.33 PM|421x500



Nice bashes Wally. The way you used the different backgrounds is cool too.

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Cool shots @Wally.
I use Photomix and I will try Photopea so.
THX for sharing.

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Really nice bashes. Great done. Also your photo backgrounds are fantastic. Love the one with screaming face.

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So good! The shotgun shells on that one yelling guy look great

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