Decal tattoos (PMC figure)

Created this figure to play with tattoo decals, so never had an exact idea in my head, rather figure developed as I went along, using up stuff from my kit box. To be honest end product turned out really well.

The decals purchased off ebay - apparently based on David Beckhams tattoo’s. I thought they were a nice set, wanted sleeves & angel with open wings caught my eye. Decals went on ok ish, decal paper a little stiff & curled up on edge’s. So had to apply more decal fixer than usual (use microscale stuff). I actually think decal paper I purchase off ebay is better to work with so in the future will produce my own tattoo decals.

Head was a copy I made from a head purchased off ebay. Body went with a more muscular less flexible body style from ZC. Not a favorite of mine tbh. Arms are far too stiff - its a two hand job to move arms. But for this job - a ridged body was needed, so this ZC body got promoted from my “naff body box”. Painted upper body & arms so they matched head.

So happy found a reason to use my Scar rifle with punisher logo on mag’s. Tried combat boots at first which looked ok, but ordered some trainers from ebay, which I think look great on end figure. T-shirt & jeans historic purchase from ebay

So in summary using tattoo decals works well though I think it’s something you can produce yourself, to as good as, if not better finish. I dont think for me I will be doing many as my bashes tend to fall within real world themes. You do encounter tattoos’s but not often and usually covered up by layers of combat gear lol. If I did more PMC or made up characters then tattoo decals could really be used well to create some very interesting unique figures.

Right enough typing - loads of pictures;


Very, very cool! Good job!

That is very cool! Great Job!

Hi anyone, does decal softener and decal fix leave any glossy surface or residue at all? I want to attach my SS046 decal to the helmet now, but would like to know first which supplies are handy and how the endproduct will look like. It should blend in visually with the other newer HGU-56/P helmets that came with a paint job.
I would like to prevent anything glossy but I realized the decals tend to peel or fall off without any additional treatment (water only).

Yes, these products do leave a glossy film or surface. If you want a matte surface, you will have to use a flat varnish over the decal…
Vallejo recommend painting the area where the decal will be applied with gloss varnish, applying the decal and then spraying over it with flat varnish.


Is gloss varnish different to softener or fix?

It’s different. The idea is to coat the area where you want to apply the decal with gloss varnish, beforehand, to have a very smooth surface for the decal to adhere to.
Decal application remains the same, apply Decal Set, then the decal, then the softener. Finish it off with a clear coat, usually matte varnish.

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Thanks a lot, will proceed like that and see how it will turn out!

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you can check at some art stores or even Office Max or the other one, (if available to you) for some fixing lacquer in matte finish. I use that to fix and protect the decals.

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Thanks. For now , I’ll apply it only with softener. If the surface remains too glossy then give it a try with a matte finish.

Right. Would be cool, if you could report the results.

Nice looking figure Big D. The Charlie Hunnam head has a good tough guy look to him.

The tattoos look well done. Did do any painting/shadowing to the body as well? The muscles seem more defined than most 1:6 bodies do.

I’m diggin his sneakers/trainers. Good choice.

His neck looks a bit long. In the past I have pulled the cup connector out of the head and drilled it a bit deeper so the cup sits higher up inside the head, and gives the neck a more natural appearance.

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