Delays from 1/6 Vendors in China

Has anyone else been noticing this recently? Most of my Go To 1/6 sources for parts in China seem to be away or unavailable until 2/13. I know the New Year has been extended but is shipping commerce being effected as well by CV?

From what I have been reading the various regional governments ordered businesses to shut down until at least the end of this week but there may be longer regional variances as some had mentioned until the end of the following week. HK shutdown the postal services past CNY but haven’t seen any update if they were following China’s lead. Nobody is communicating beyond that at the moment.

Last commercial shipment I had out of China was a bit of a nightmare to get out of there and was delayed due to tighter export controls. They (Fedex) were at least several weeks behind and I can only imagine that has been compounded by the further shutdown and all carriers will be effected, probably more so China Post. I would not expect things to get on track until March.

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Thanks Adam. Looks I’ll be stay in a hold pattern until everything calms down over there.

With the virus that is currently hitting China, the deadlines are likely to extend … let us of course be united and wait for a rapid return to normal. Courage to our Chinese friends … :blush:

Domestic postal service seems to be fine at the moment, judging by my buying agent. How shipping intl. with China Post works will show soon to me.

In generally, 1/6 looks like it’s on hold for now.

Honestly, this outbreak is no joke. I am hoping for the best.

Here’s a neat website with stats: