Delta and 24th STS HK 416 Replacement?

Rumours are doing the rounds that Delta and 24th STS are going with the 10.3 and 14.5 Geissele Super Duty. Both have been linked with the Green Berets as well. Earlier rumors suggested the mid length option 24th STS went with is the LMT Specwar 12.5. Like the 416, the Geissele handguard is notched where it connects to the upper receiver.

Green Beret examples

Former Delta operator Matt Pranka with the 10.3. Coincidence?

Perhaps time for Easy Simple to open up some new tooling…


I love these types of posts Adam, keeps me abreast of the latest and greatest tools out there. Also would love to see the NGSW rifle and machine gun now that SIG has won the contract.

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Yeah mate that would be great to have the new sig weapons in 1/6 scale. One day maybe!


The rumor mill on these is nuts and a super sensitive topic in many fourms. Apprently someone ordered 1100 KAC Sr 16s from an SMU . Still trying to track down the podcast with the guy from KAC

Would this not be a good idea for E&S to make as one of their rifle kits?

Use the rifle/Pelican case as the box, and stuff the other bits inside. Just wrap it all in a box like the current rifle sets.

Nice looking new gear.


The rifle itself I guess they do the old disregard 1:1 accuracy and maybe repurpose a 416 upper and lower and just tool the handguard. Until there is better evidence of this going through that is probably a less risky proposition.

Pelican packaging would be cool, but what would be cooler is reducing the packaging down to the bare minimum smallest physical size given trends in shipping costs.

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There’s got to be such minimal performance differences between these high end gucci M4s. Looks like ES gambled on the SR16 and lost :joy:


That’s a good point with expensive shipping these days.

The Pelican would be the box, but it would be plastic, and heavier, and that always means more expensive shipping/postage cost.

Sure, dash my hopes in the name of practicality, and frugal ideals. :sunglasses: