Delta/CAG Master Thread


From Wikipedia:

The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), commonly referred to as Delta Force, Combat Applications Group (CAG), “The Unit”, Army Compartmented Element (ACE), or within JSOC as Task Force Green,[2] is an elite special mission unit of the United States Army, under operational control of the Joint Special Operations Command. The unit is tasked with specialized missions primarily involving hostage rescue and counterterrorism, as well as direct action and special reconnaissance against high-value targets. Delta Force and its maritime counterpart, the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team Six (also known as DEVGRU), are the U.S. military’s primary counterterrorism units. Delta Force and DEVGRU perform the most highly complex, classified, and dangerous missions in the U.S. military, as directed by the U.S. National Command Authority.

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That was one of the CAG guys from Syria.

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Nice pic, one I don’t have.



Note the guy in the upper row with the SIG MCX.



So it’s even in use in warmer and more sandy parts of the world.



I’m currently planning a “modern Delta Force” operator and planned on using DAM FBI HRT as a base. You guys think that’d be a good start? I plan on swapping the rifle, boots, pistol & holster.



Some of the gear could be used from that figure. More recently they have switched from the Airframe to the Ops-Core high cut, either dipped in multicam or with a multicam cover. The HRT helmet has the correct DPAM/ANVIS mount but is a bump vs ballistic, not that you’d notice with the cover. Easy Simple also did a dipped multicam helmet with the DPAM on one of the FBI figures if I recall correct The 6354DO holster from the first SMU delta figure and a glock would work for the pistol holster. For a vest they are typically seen with the JPC 2.0, but also with the CPC and AVS in some photos. A 416 with the SMR rail would be what you would want to use for a primary. ES 26019A has a good example of that rifle with the Vortex scope they are sometimes seen with.

Here are a few different photos:

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Thanks for the info Adam, much appreciated.



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Are all these pics from Tajikistan?

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Looks like possibly Kurdistan



You are right, it is!



Here are a couple newish and oldish CAG pictures, from roughly 2015-present (source: DEVTSIX mostly).

Recent pics of SIG MCX LVAW (300 BLK suppressed rifle) in use in Syria by the Cool Army Guys. Faces are not blurred as these are already in open media circulation.

Spot the CAG! Big mix of units here, but 2nd and 3rd from left on the back row are apparently CAG, as well as the 2 or 3 on the far right of the back row. More evidence of SIG rifles, as well as some interesting JPC mods, Arc’teryx combat shirts, AVS, and very old chest rigs/PC combos.

CAG at a civvie shooting competition, note use of BFG ten speed mag pouches on relatively slick JPCs, interesting rifle setups.

Interesting use of AOR2.

Burkina Faso pic with kitlist (not mine):

Helo shots (around 2015 I think):

Rifle/gear guide: a mix of actual unit rifles and close airsoft clones for your consideration

Misc: grenade holder. FPBAtby Innovative_pouch_for_hand_grenades_developed_by_the_Israeli_Company_ACS_Milipol_2015_640_002

Some misc/low quality images, make of them what you will: