Delta question

I’m slowly trying to kitbash a delta team and pretty much already having 3 assaulters equiped, I kinda wanted to add a team medic and a support gunner but haven’t seen any reference pics of either, I was wondering if for the medic the medical back pack from the ss pj figure would be acceptable as well as a mk17, I imagine the medic hangs out more in the middle of the stack for protection so I’m guessing they want a further ranged weapon, also for the support gunner would a mk48 or 46 be appropriate? For the marksman I’m considering a slick carrier with a harness for his second line kit, reason being mark owens said the gunners and marksman liked being able to unzip for laying prone, I know that’s devgru but actual small team tactics can only be so different

Sounds interesting! Apparently the only .308 rifle the Unit uses currently is some sort of SR25/Wilson Combat system (I don’t think they’ve used SCARs much if at all).

Unsure about the medical pack, that one seems common within SOF units. Although with the Unit I’d imagine they use the latest and greatest, and the tan pack you’re referring to is almost ten years old IIRC.

The support gunner thing is anyone’s guess as there are pretty much no current Unit ref pics of guys with LMGs. The only Multicam Delta picture I can think of shows the operator with MK46 and a JPC carrier. DEVGRU (based on ref pics) tends to favour chest rigs and slick PCs more whereas the Unit uses PCs more.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m kinda considering the backpack from the e&s cag marksman that just came out then, it’s multicam and looks like it could fit the bill of a medic pack, I had remembered seeing an article a while back about the unit switching back to an sr25 platform for dmrs, that should be fairly easy then, pretty sure I’ve seen several e&s m110 sass sets laying around and it looks close enough I don’t think it’ll bug me using one of those and just saying it’s a Wilson combat rifle

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CAG has used the MK48 (not sure on the 46). They have access to the MK17 but for DMR type rifles they have also used various Knight’s rifles. Of late the M110K2 and K3 variants. Easy Simple did the K1 but I don’t think anyone has done the K2/K3. The Wilson Combat .308 seems to be in testing phases with various units. A bit harder finding information on some of their stuff given they don’t have publicists like other units.

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I think I’ll settle for one of the k1s from e&s , it’d be cool to find an mlok shroud for an ar10 in 1/6

What bolt action rifles do the unit field? I heard how SOCOM adopted the Barrett MRAD, and I wonder If Delta has as well. On a similar note, what about .50 rifles?

You don’t often seen any recent photos of them with bolt action, usually just the 416s. I’d imagine they have used the various SOCOM catalog of bolt action rifles. The MSR looks like it has been dumped for the MRAD.

Okay, thanks. It’s just that my bday’s coming up, and I’m hoping to get some rifles for my CAG sniper bash. My options include the ZY toys tac .50, M107A1, MSE MRAD, and making a m110.

Here is a recent reference for M110K. Combing through the reference photos is like going over a HK press release.