delusional is in the house

Hi all,
I finally got around to joining. Great looking site with great people. I hope I can contribute soon.
Thanks for having me,
Mark aka delusional

Good to see you on this site delusional.

Good to see so many people from OSW making it over.

@delusional! How’s the shape ways business?

Welcome on board Mark. Your 3D stuff from shapeways is awsome. Hopefuly we will see some of your work here soon :+1:.

Hi, never dealt with you before but saw nice items at your shapeways store long before the big 1/6 companies started doing them.

Regards and welcome

Welcome Mark! Great to have another enthusiast here.

Welcome aboard! I saw the light recently too, glad you came over.

Mark!!! Welcome!!! The board is great! Military, military and military! Modern at that too!:wink:

Good to see you over here Mark. I’m sure everyone here will enjoy seeing what you have been up to.

Hi Mark! Good to have you here! Any new projects?

Wow! Great to see all my old friends. I’ve missed you guys. The OSW isn’t what it used to be…sigh.
I can give you a small list of my projects. Um, let’s see…I’m currently working on tricking out my GoTruck HMMWV. I’ve done a wheel mod, a new brush guard, ring gear, drive, motor, and mount. After I debug a few things, I’ll list those projects and many more.

I’ve done a lot of new figures. I’ve done Greystoke the legend of Tarzan, UBL killer Robert O’Neil, Audy Murphy, Under World Selene, and It goes on and on…lol.

I’ll start posting soon,

Mark aka delusional