Department of State Diplomatic security service V2

been working this guy up
DSS special Agent Mexico Station ANTI-TERROR UNIT


Very cool wardog, I like that kit he’s sporting. What sculpt is that?


the sculpt its a really old one that i picked up off of goodstufftogo back several years ago the company also sold one that was made specifically for a prone sniper. been so long i cant remember lol

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That one is a truly an awsome bash. Looks better than E&S PMCs!

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thanks guys it been awhile since ive done any major work with this one i took a E&S generals armory bronze LVO and painted the upper a flat earth i dig the color and i think it works great together
i was going for that agent that has to grab his gear and role in the field look not the fully kitted out swat DSS you would see in references

Yeah that is a very nice bash wardog.

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Like this bash. Looks like box bought figure, very nice

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thanks guys i really enjoyed working on this one