DEVGRU bash help

It is no secret that I plan to make 12 tier 1 kitbashes. 6 of which will be from CAG, and the other 6 from DEVGRU, and I’ve already made 2 figures from each so far. While I know that I’ll get the Glock 17s from the 78065 figure for the CAG figures, I am not sure what I should get for the 4 remaining DEVGRU ones. My current bashes for that unit use an E&S HK45 and a DAM P226R with a suppressor and an RMR. I have not been able to source any additional copies of those guns, but even if I could, I’m not sure if they’re current. Recent reference photos, articles, and figures seem to indicate that they’ve moved over to Glocks and even the P320 as of late. I would prefer not to outfit them with glocks because I want them to be distinct from the CAG figures, but the issue is that there are currently no versions of the P320s in the configuration that I want (suppressor and RMR).

Then there is that matter of the HK45. While I am okay with the rest of the DEVGRU figures getting 9MMs, I would prefer for at least my pointman to keep his 45. Is it still in use, or is there a more recent alternative that can fill the same niche?

One more thing: What boots do they use? My current ones both use Lowas, and I was thinking of either Merrell or Asolo for the rest.

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If by headsculpt stands, you mean something to hold just the head, while working on them, I’ve noticed a lot of use of water or soda plastic bottles, as “handles”. Fix the head to the plastic cap (white glue, or something similar?), which can be removed from the bottle and set aside.

James Pang does a lot of “field expedient” figure builds, on FB. He’s done some rooted beards, by drilling holes in sculpts, and plugging them with strands of the inner material from smaller diameter “p” cord. He slices and removes the outer sheath.
When the tufts are implanted, he combs or brushes them together, and colors them, if required. The results have been some pretty fearsome beards. With some work, I believe hair could be done in the same way.

Some of the more useful tools are a pin vise with assorted bits, small files, assorted tweezers and forceps/hemostats, needle nose pliers, and X-acto knives with assorted blades.
I also use a variety of small picks and probes, usually made from small diameter round stock or solid wire, as well as carved popsicle sticks and tongue depressors.
A rotary tool, with bits, and hobby saws, are good for work, done with caution. A small work vise provides a third hand, or more.

Interesting. Could you link his Facebook page so that I can view some of his work? I’ve never considered actually rooting in hair as you claim this person does. Up to this point I have just been gluing tufts onto the figures head. I already have a dremel with a bit that I hope is small enough to work. I think that I might stick with regular Tibetan hair, as I’m not sure if I can source small enough rope core like he uses.

Some other queries have occurred to me that I did not make in my initial post.

  1. As for gear, I would like to know what LMG platforms they are using, whether it be the new Sig LMG or the MK48 that they’ve been known to use. In either case, what optic should I use, and should I use a NJPC with sufficiently large pouches, or a slick PC with a chest rig?

  2. From what I’ve been able to gather from the NSW/NSWDG thread on Devtsix, Noveske’s rifles have supplanted the HK416 as DEVGRU’s main assault rifles. One of the DEVGRU bashes that I’ve built already has a 416 with the SMR, so I just would have needed to get another with the DD rail for a future bash, or else gotten two of the DD ones and give the SMR to my future CAG medic. However the adoption of the new rifles has left me in a dilemma. Do I hold off on getting any more until black versions of the Noveske rifles are released and then get those for the two DEVGRU figures that I will equip them with (out of the 4 that I will build next, 3 will get LVAWs and the last gets either a MK48 or whatever that unit is fielding these days), or should I get the extra 416s and then replace those afterwards? I’m also facing a similar issue with my CAG bashes and the KAC SR-16, so any advice for either of them will be welcome.

Here’s a link to his FB bashing page, specifically the post where he discusses/shows his beard technique.

As for the weapons and gear of CAG and DEVGRU, I will leave that to those who spend the proper effort to keep up with it. Between those, and other nations’ SOF units, there’s a lot of study and observation necessary, and a never-ending one, at that.