DEVGRU Blue Squadron operators

DEVGRU Blue Squadron operators onboard a 160th SOAR MH-6 during training in Virginia Beach, Virginia May 2021

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Do my eyes spy an aglite helmet cover on the right-most operator in the first photo? And what shoes are they all wearing?

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Some additional photos. Noveske N4 showing up again.


New photo:


they are wearing vans and nikes! A rad shoe choice. :v:

Hopefully e&s see’s these and makes the next weapon set the noveske m4, can anyone tell if these are jpc 2.0s or still njpc’s?

Hurry Up E&S, you have to make some “rugby shirt” with long sleeves in MULTICAM, please.

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looks like a mix of maritime 2.0s, and regular (most likely swimmer cut) 2.0

Great reference pictures! Now listen E&S! Here’s the to do list for you:

Velocity System Boss Rugby Long Sleeve in multicam
FAST Helmet in multicam with Wilcox G69 Fixed NVG Mount
Maritime JPC in multicam
Noveske Rifle in 5.56mm and .300Blackout (10.5in, Gen 1 lower, Gen 3 uppers, NSR-9 M-LOK)
Inforce WML Rifle Light
Scalarworks Leap/01 Mirco T2 Mount
Dead Air Sandman-S Silencer


Higher resolution images


Apparently one of the operators with the helmet covers had on a One Tigris version 6 cover, according to Devtsix. I believed them to be merely an airsoft brand, but I guess that some military units do use them. Then again I suppose that even an airsoft cover would work just as well as a more “legit” one given the intended purpose would be to hold accessories. I checked their Website, and they offer that particular cover in MC black, which is my favorite canon pattern. Coupled with the bungee cords that would be suitable in retaining IR strobes in the rearward positions that I want, the NVG cable loops, and proof of contemporary use by DEVGRU, and they seem like the perfect option for my NSWDG bashes.

The problem is that they aren’t yet available in 1/6 scale, and I certainly don’t have the textile skills to accurately replicate them myself. So I will be taking the bold step of contacting the company directly and asking if they would be able and willing to make appropriately sized versions of their covers in that color. Besides the textual content itself, I will also send a photos of one of the helmets that will be used as well (that being the FAST ballistic from the E&S LAPD SWAT figure). What other information about it should I include? Or should I consider mailing it directly so they can look over it themselves?

Some new images with a couple of nice high res.

Looks like the first Rattler sighting with them:


They must really like that new noveske rifle, I don’t see a single 416, I know it’s just training but I would have imagined to see a couple 416’s, hopefully e&s offers one soon

Hopefully they at least keep the lower and upper receivers black, that way I just have to paint the handguard, stock, and grips. Or just an all black version, that would be nice too. Perhaps some CAG boys can show up with whatever new Ar15s they’re trying out (I’ve heard Knight’s Armament) so E&S can make figures of them too. Hopefully with some light bearing Safariland holsters.

I’m sure E&S are excited seeing these new reference pics!! We know they will come just like when the CAG SMU pics dropped!

416 contract that was in place supplying their units ended. I imagine they still have them in the armory but it looks like the Noveske is meeting their needs.

Not only Blue Sqd, you can see some Red Sqd one too, on the third pic, at right.

Where do you spot Red SQN? :thinking: