DEVGRU helmet camo help

Recently, I have decided that in lieu of using covers like what those of my CAG figures have, the helmets for my DEVGRU bashes will instead remain bare, with only velcro and tape holding any accessories in place. I also intend to paint the helmets in the Multicam black pattern, and I have a few questions related to the matter.

  1. What colors would I need to replicate those found in the pattern?Ideally these should come in the form of spray paints that are made for use on plastic models, as I currently lack a proper airbrushing setup and regular paints meant for larger objects may be inadequate for my purposes.

  2. Where can I source the shapes used in the MC camo? I have a digital cutting machine that I can send that data to in order to print stencil for cutting out the shapes on hobby tape.

  3. Should I mask the NVG mount and ARC rails, or remove them? And if the latter option is recommended, how can I safely remove and reattach those parts?

  4. What tape should I use in order to keep the cable in place? I’ve already used E&S tape (the sheets that come with their figures, and even gorilla tape to little avail.

  5. how can I remove the adhesive residue from the tape and the velcro sections already on the helmets?

  6. If I were to attach V-lites to the backs of the helmets, should I put them directly parallel to the bottom section of the rails and keep the NVG cables on the other side, or put the cable in between the lights and the rails?

  7. For the helmets with Comtac headsets mounted on the top rail, is there a way to mount cameras and lights on the sides of the helmet?

  8. Should I put the new velcro sections before or after painting?

  1. I use Vallejo or AK interactive acrylic paint - it does not smell and can be diluted with
    water if necessary. I have this airbrush setup which is easy to use, cheap and works
    wonderfully for small jobs.

  2. Simply use the Internet. There are enough pictures avaiable as stencil. You will not
    find detailed dimensions. You have a digital cutting machine? Perfect.
    If you have a MC Uniform or helmet from E&S than use this as basis for dimensions.

  3. I would remove, if possible, all parts from the helmet. Rails sould be no problem but he NVG mount is mostly glued. You could use masking fluid /Liquid Mask to protect the parts:

  4. E&S tape is mostly rubbish. I use a little drop of glue to hold it in place and cover it
    with tape. The glue drop reduces the tension on the cable.

  5. I use “Schmutzradierer”. I do not know the english version of it. Or you could use
    some dish soap, let absorb and rub it of. Also Cooking oil should work.

  6. for the experts

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  8. I would first paint all parts, seal the paint with varnish and as last step i would add the