Devgru Kitbash

This figure is my favorite kitbash I have made out of the two DEVGRU kitbashes I have made. I will show you the other one later. :slight_smile: I am sorry for the terrible quality, when I try taking a picture with my good camera, it says the file is too big! I will try to get better pics another day.


That’s real good. Nicely done doc.:+1:

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Thank you! Really appreciate it.

I like this one, light for the fight, and he looks like a brawler.

You could transfer the images to your computer, and use Paint, or a similar program, to resize them.

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thanks! I should have mentioned that this is a WIP, I will post more high-quality pics in the future using your method,

That is WIP?!!! That is a splendid job!

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Thanks! Yes, it is indeed, I still need a couple more small things to add a little more realism to the bash.