DEVGRU machine gunner bash help 2

For the longest time, I haven’t been able to decide on an appropriate headsculpt for this bash. I needed something viking-like that wouldn’t interfere with wearing a balaclava, and that had blond hair and blue eyes, and none of the ones from Viking figures fit the bill. However, I have managed to narrow it down to two options that fulfill both of those requirements. One is the headsculpt from the DAM 2018 SHCC expo Navy seal figure, which has an acceptable enough undercut haircut and a rather short beard. The second is from the E&S SMU part X recce sniper figure, which features no hair at all. In either case, I will be rooting hair and/or a beard on them. At this point then, it is merely a matter of preference, and since I can’t decide on which I like better I would like some extra input.

Well, I have both heads and they are both well made. Since you obviously plan to root hair and beard, the E&S heas would probably make it easier for you. The DAM HS is well executed, hair and beard and all. Since I am totally okay with sculpted hair and beards, the DAM head will serve for some kind of SEAL/DEVGRU bash with me, as it is.
The E&S sculpt looks slightly on the old side, but that would give you the appearance of a seasoned operator. As far as I understand, he will get some kind of face cover, anyway, right?

Indeed, in the form of a balaclava along with one of those ballistic mesh face mask and glasses. I also plan to paint some sort of skull design on the mask, although I haven’t yet been able to determine what specific one I should use. Since I plan to keep the sides of the head bald, I’ll also put Nordic tattoos on those parts as well.