DEVGRU pistol help

I think that I may have found a good option for what I should do in regards to the pistols that the rest of my 4 DEVGRU bashes will use. I will take the P226s from the E&S frozen assault figure, then transfer the threaded barrels and suppressors from those to other versions of the p226 with rails, along with the RMRs from some miscellaneous DAM sights. The problem is that I’m not sure if I can safely disassemble those pistols. Has anyone else had any luck?

Alternatively, I could instead do a similar process with the pistols from the SS NSW winter marksman figure, although I would only have to seek out some suppressors instead of an additional quartet of pistols. The only issue is that I hear SS’s pistols can sometimes have QC problems. I’m also not sure whether I should carve out a slot on the top of the slide in order to insert the RMRs.