Devtac Ronin Mercenary

One of my latest ones.

A quick bash using mainly parts from Green Wolf Gear’s Devtac Ronin fig.

The main issue for me was the original gold lenses so I changed it out to a darker colour



Thanks for viewing


Lenses look much better! :+1:

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Wow, very cool figure.

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I really like the adjustments you made to this figure.

This is perhaps the most expensive bash on this site? :laughing: The plate carrier and rifle alone are almost priceless at this time I think.

Looks better than the original dude! I love it :+1:

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This is one really cool bash!

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I have this figure…can I swap with yours? Great upgrades to this figure. Thinking of getting mine out of storage and upgrading it - always felt it was lacking visual punch. Your has punch aplenty! Great bash!

Do it…black always works better for the devtac helmet I think:)