DID D80131 SS-Panzer-Division Das Reich MG42 Gunner B “Egon”“


  1. Super realistic headsculpt with knitted brows and gnashing of teeth
  2. Body
  3. Open palms
  4. Palms for holding gun
  5. M35 helmet w/ inner liner and weathering
  6. M42 Field Tunic
  7. M40 fur-lined pullover parka
  8. Camo trousers
  9. Grey German toque
  10. Belt
  11. Y straps
  12. Gloves
  13. Boots
  14. 50-bullet chain with MG42 ammo box (metal)
  15. Drum magazine x 2 w/ carrier
  16. Shovel (Wood & Metal) with covers (real leather)
  17. MP40 ammo pouch x 2
  18. Gasmask canister
  19. Bread bag
  20. Canteen
  21. Tripod mount connector for MG42
  22. MG42 spare barrel with barrel case
  23. MG42 Anti-Aircraft spider sight
  24. MP40 submachine gun (Metallic) with 2 clips and 5 bullets
  25. K98 bayonet with scabbard and sheath
  26. Collar tabs x 2
  27. Iron cross 2nd class ribbon x 2
  28. shoulder boards x 2
  29. Sleeve eagles x 1
  30. Black cuff title
  31. Wound Badge in black

I’m looking forward to seeing what “F” name they use for the third guy in the squad to keep the pattern alive.

I forgot the names of the first two (and I’m too lazy to look them up). A, B, Curtis, Dustin, Egon…