DID K80134 The Guards

An L85 from a new company. I am curious what’s under the cover. Probably no RIS.

If this is quality work, I might switch it for my underscaled Hot Toys L85A1.

I’m with you - I have a feeling these are bog-standard L85A2s with the standard forearm and SUSAT optic under the covers.

DiD weapons have been good as of late, so I’ll probably grab 1 - 2 and kick my old DML L85A1s to a lower drawer.

It seems unusual to hear of an underscaled Hot Toys weapon, so many of theirs have been over-large.
I don’t think I have any references regarding the buttons used by various regiments, but I recall Tony Barton citing numbers and spacings being different. I’d be interested to hear if DiD did those right, as well as the other bits.

If DID doesn’t screw these up I’ll be happy to see some bog standard L85A2 rifles with the sustat as there is a void in the market for those.

It exists! Bottom rifle. Top is DAM

HT’s AK-47s and 74s were definitely underscale.

On FB the other day, DiD got mauled by a lot of unhappy individuals, the main focus being:
_ Previous “leather” breakdown, and metal buckles being of poor material. Figures most mentioned were Japanese soldiers, and the French Indochina/Algeria soldiers. Ransome Chua also noted that one of their samurai figures had flaws.
_ The use of the Beckham headsculpt. Both irritation with a celebrity head portraying a Guardsman, and the unshaven face.

DiD said their new figures featured real leather, and improved metal.
I think they chose a Beckham head for the usual reasons, utility beyond the figure itself.
I have a number of DiD figures, including their latest IJA soldier. In the past, I found DiD to be disruptive of forum harmony, due to some ill-considered postings and products. That, of course, was made possible by various members taking the bait. To my mind, their best characteristic has been staying viable, in a rugged market and hobby.

Updated pics, L85 without Susat.

I’m perfectly happy with the iron sights. It looks good. I’ll pick one up.

Although I just noticed that the cocking handle is the same color as the body of the gun, when it should be the same shade of OD green as the handguard.

Second edit: disregard the above, the cocking handle is the correct color. Not sure what I was confusing it with.

On HT’s it’s same color as the receiver. DAM has a green one. Is that the difference between L85A1 and A2?

That’s what I was thinking of. No, DAM got it wrong. Should be gunmetal. The L85A2 has a comma-shaped cocking handle and numerous internal improvements. The older L85A1 has a straight, cylindrical cocking handle.

Both HT and DAM did L85A2s (and this DiD model is a L85A2 too); the DAM model is the current-spec upgraded model with the railed forearm and newer flash hider.

I saw (but could not touch !) the prototypes at the Military Odyssey show here in England last Monday.
The buttons, cuff slashes, &c, are actually held by tiny magnets, so you can arrange them as you wish. The figure will come with the 5 regimental carded sets.

@Murakami, here the regimental button spacing.

Grenadier Guards : evenly spaced
Coldstream Guards : by twos
Scots Guards (being ye old 3rd Regiment of Foote Guards) : by threes
Irish Guards : by fours
Welsh Guards : logically, fives.

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DID just announced Sentry boxes from cardboard. Looks awful!

You’re not wrong. They are shocking . Think I will just cellotape two after eight boxes together lol

Plan B - Sir Roger Moore as a Grenadier Guardsman.

Best pics of the loose L85 I found so far. Still hoping for it to pop up on sale one day, as I don’t intend to buy the whole set for only a rifle.

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These look decent enough. Would have like to see this with something other than a guard figure.

It’s a great set of 5 figures, I find the uniforms very beautiful, and the red is “glowing” … not my cup of tea, but essential for a real English Man :wink: