Item N°

Dragon In Dreams

  • MA1001



  • Life-like Head Sculpt (Ryan Gosling)
  • Enhanced Body w/ Seamless Muscular Arms
  • 5.11 Tactical TAC A2 Gloves x3


  • LAPD SWAT Uniform (Jacket and Pants)
    • 5.11 Tactical Double Duty TDU Belt
  • LAPD SWAT T-Shirt
  • Inner cotton shorts
  • Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 Side Zip Boots


  • Ops-Core FAST XP High Cut Ballistic Helmet
    • Princeton Tec EOS Tactical MPLS Headlamp
    • Wilcox NVG Lanyard for Ops-Core VAS Shroud
    • ContourHD 1080p Helmet Camera
    • Ops-Core Goggle Swivel Clips
  • Avon FM53 Protective Mask w/ Voice Projection Unit (VPU) & Comms Cable Kit
    • Avon Clear Outsert
    • Avon CBRNCF50 Filter
  • Oakley M-Frame Glasses

Vest and Pouches

  • PROTECH TAC-6 PLUS HP full coverage Tactical vest
    • PROTECH Standard Upper Arm Protectors
    • PROTECH Tactical Utility Pouch
    • PROTECH Handcuff Pouch, Double
    • PROTECH Universal Radio Pouch
    • PROTECH Side Arm Magazine Pouch, Double
    • PROTECH M4 Magazine Pouch, Double, Tango Down
    • PROTECH Shotgun shell pouch
    • BLACKHAWK! S.T.R.I.K.E. Hydration Carrier
  • Yates Gear-208 Tactical Shield Climbing Harness
    • BLACKHAWK! Omega Elite M16 and Flashbang Pouch
    • BLACKHAWK! Omega Elite Gas Mask Pouch
    • CSM Tactical Gear Minidrop Pouch

Tactical Gear

  • Nite Ize S-Biner
  • Kong 511-L3 Carabiner
  • Fusion Climb Tazo II Screw Gate D Carabiner
  • Wedge-It Tactical Door Wedge
  • Disposable Double Restraints
  • BlackBerry 8700G Cell Phone w/ Case
  • HK Porter 0690C 9-inch Handklip Cutter
  • Camelbak Water Beast Reservoir 3L
  • KHS Tactical Watches MissionTimer 3
  • Tactical Pen


  • 3M Peltor SWAT-TAC III ACH Single Comm Headset
    • 3M Peltor Ops-Core ARC Helmet Rail Adapter
    • Push-To-Talk (PTT) Adapter
  • MOTOROLA Astro Saber III Portable Radio LAPD


  • HK416 11" Carbine :de:
    • LaRue Tactical PWS Tactical Compensator and Flash Hider
    • Magpul PTS ASAP Sling Plate
    • Magpul EMAG 5.56×45mm (30rd) x3+1
    • EOTech XPS Holographic Weapon Sight
    • EOTech 4x Magnifier w/ Flip To Side Mount (FTS)
    • Magpul MBUS 2 Front Back-Up Sight
    • SureFire M900V Vertical Foregrip LED Weapon Light
    • Leapers UTG Tactical Single Point Sling
  • Kimber Custom TLE II .45 ACP (LAPD SWAT) Pistol :us:
    • Pistol Mag .45 ACP 9×19mm (8rd) x2+1
    • SureFire X200 LED Weapon Light
    • SAFARILAND 6360 Holster (SWAT Custom)
    • SAFARILAND 6005-23 MLS 16 Accessory Fork on Quick Release Strap
  • Axon TASER X26
    • Blade-Tech TEK-LOK X26 TASER Holster w/ BLACKHAWK! SERPA S.T.R.I.K.E. CQC Platform (Ambidextrous)
  • TOPS Knives C.A.T. 203 Tactical Knife
  • Def-Tec TD Multi-Port Plus Distraction Device
  • Def-Tec No.25 Distraction Device


  • 41D and 23D Call Sign Patch
  • Los Angeles Police Chest Patch (Blue)
  • Los Angeles Police Chest Patch (BLK)
  • LAPD S.W.A.T. Shoulder Patch (Blue) x2
  • LAPD S.W.A.T. Shoulder Patch (BLK) x2
  • Chest Name Plate (Blue)
  • Chest Name Plate (BLK)
  • Back Name Plate (BLK)

This was my second boxed figure I ever bought but the first one I removed from the box for assembly. Due to this I made quite some mistakes and broke or damaged parts in the process.
Later I realized it was mainly DID’s fault as they produced low quality parts.

The lid is intended to work as a background for display.

Rare nclusion of an assembly guide


As you can see there are already issues with the kind of plastic they are using.

This is a brand new head compared to an old one that wore the provided gas mask for about 4 years. Somehow the headsculpt reacted with the mask material. More to that later.

The best Ryan Gosling you can find in 1/6

The body structure is more or less similar to the SS1.0 but inferior in joint and plastic quality.

Skin tone of the muscle sleeve arms is a bit too pale

Wrist pegs are badly designed and flimsy

Overall look


Heavily padded underwear

Molded gloves with kind of good detail

The SWAT shirt has good detail and a nice look. However, the cut/shape is a bit off as you can see on later pics.

Cargo pants


Normal pockets are real/working

The others are either fake or sewed up unfortunately

See the fit of the shirt. Rather tuck it in

Shoes are molds with cloth strings. They have a fine shape, but are poorly painted, if they are painted at all

I went ahead and replaced them by the cloth boots DID issued with the later SWAT figures


Basic clothing

The patches on the jacket have no velcro but sticky tape as SS is doing lately. I am no fan of that as the reusability of the patches will go straight to zero.

Chest pockets are sewed up

It’s a unique part. However, it’s only useful when posing your figure for a training session.
With the armor applied the jacket will add a thick layer which will turn out very bulky eventually. Besides that, the patches might get scratched.

Looks best without the jacket when fully geared anyway.


Gas mask pouch, which is too small to carry it

Tripple grenade pouch barely fits any grenade as it is just too tight. You really need to squeeze them in with force

Dump pouch is provided in black, but to have more diversity on this figure I replaced it by the beige version from the second SWAT figure.

Finally, the holster

It attaches to the right hand side of the vest and not the belt

The adapter is rubbish and I already bought three of them due to bad quality

Yes, and the holster is rubbish too. Moreover it’s too tight for the pistol and might scratch it.


This item is highly recommended and comes in 5 pieces.
Front, back,neck and 2 shoulder parts.

I didn’t bother to remove the taser adapter as it’s a pain to pull these out of the molle webbing. Later I needed to change its position though.

There is actually velcro to open a small space just over the line where the patches are attached to. I think it’s another asccess point to the inserted plate.


Plate for the front

The back has a zipper to open the molle webbing flap which reveals straps to adjust the fit of the vest



Neck protector

Attached via velcro to the back piece

All buttons are like these and work perfectly

Shoulder protectors

All pouches have very stiff straps. It’s a double layer of cloth straps wrapped around a plastic bar. This makes it extremely hard to attach them properly and push them through every loop of the molle webbing.

Med pouch

Double cuff pouch for non-existing cuffs

Radio pouch

Double pistol mag pouch

Double rifle mag pouch

Admin pouch

Bladder pouch

Attach the back part first and close the velcro around the hips

Add the shoulder protectors and attach the velcro flaps to the shoulders

Front piece attaches to the side armor

Patches all without male velcro but sticky tape

Helmet with very loose NVG strings

What is this swivel/hook for?

Padding was already applied

Buckle is very fragile. I think it’s my third helmet so far

Helmet light

Angle adjustable but very flimsy

Princeton Tec

Helmet camera (nothing negative to add)

I was actually amazed when I had my first 1/6 ballistic glasses in hand. I was so stunned that sth detailed like this exists in such a small scale, so I was afraid of braking it and handled it with care. Now I know that these are only average.

Gear and Accessories


They open quite easily by themselves. Could have a better locking system. At least they look good.

Scissors added for the medic pouch from the MA1005 second SWAT figure.

Double plastic restraints are a one piece mold

Soldier Story did a much better job with their earlier SS037 CIA SAD 2.0

Pen feels like metal

Wire cutter looks good as well, but still only a one piece mold

Lower quality watch


Holder is super tight. Almost impossible to remove it once pushed in.

Door wedge

Bladder is one of the best I ahve seen in this hobby, despite no option to open the lid to drink.

Unfortunately, the lid with the Camelbak slogan seems to be the cheap plastic. It’s becoming dull in color.


Radio has average to good deatil but is fragile

Connects to the headphones via a plug


If you are scared of these kind of mountable headphones, then stay well away from this model. It’s the worst you can get. I ordered these 4 times already as I broke three others in the assembly process.
Later, DID even issued headphone packs for free for buyers of the full box set. Lots of shops just sold them for money anyway.

Inside the headphones are these adpaters to stick into the ears of the sculpt to give it a better fit. But as you can it’s not working, because the holes in the ears are not exising.

Comms attach like his to the gas mask

Gas mask

Visuallly it’s probably best 1/6 piece of this type of mask. However, it comes with this strange plastic odour, reacts with the head sculpt and kind of sweats. It’s like some liquid is evaporating from it. Wiping it off makes the color look dull.

Should be possible to remove this valve, but I didn’t manage

The filter

Outer glasses

Fully assembled



Good look, good quality and sturdy. This review feels like a rollercoaster. But instead of up down, it’s good quality bad quality.

Flashbangs are two different types. good detail and fully detachable. I added one more to fill all pouches of the triple grenade drop leg panel

Taser is alright and better than Modeling Toys or ZyToys. But after receiving the X26 with the CTSFO 26017 figure, ES is definitely superior to all of them.

Flap closes not open/close perfectly. Feels a bit stiff.

The molle adapter is nice, but the fit is quite loose. Small movements of the figure will cause the holster to fall off.

Closer look at the Taser itself. Cartridge is not removable

Custom II

Plain pistol

Hammer is awesomely stiff. Had a short conversation about flimsy hammers with @AdamC lately, but this one is great in this regard.

Ejection port has a strange cut out shape





416 rifle

Looks rubbish and is kind of. Only saved by some nice parts as the muzzle or SureFire grip.

Didn’t manage to remove the stock so far.

So loose, it won’t stay in place

Ejection port and charging handle are working

Barrel and muzzle

Wording and working fire selector

DID MBUS are good, but DAM is better

EOTech is utter shite. How can they dare producing sth like this

Same for the magnifier

Also highly flimsy

SureFire grip is a positive here. Not perfectly executed, but good.

Sling is also one of the good items.

Hook is a one piece mold though and can’t be opened in order to remove the sling

Mags average, but painting is decent

Geared up

Full figure ( I am still waiting for another DID neck joint, because my substitue head came without one, which is very annoying. I don’t intend to damage the new head, so I’ll pose exclusively without helmet and mask. More pics to come when other spare parts finally arrive)

RIP (small selection)

This is this kind of figure you should solely obtain boxed. Too little parts would actually justify loose purchases. The vest comes around very nicely, but has restricted value to non-SWAT bashes. The Kimber pistol is unique but the mold is not crisp enough. Same for the rifle. Also the awesome Gosling sculpt is limited in use by applying a non-movable neck.
On the other hand some accessories like the bladder, grenades etc are well done. The boots from the second release make this figure a bit better, too.

I like the overall look a lot which covers up certain imperfections and bad quality items. DID is still quite known for their cloth parts.

Now looking forward to the ES26028, which brings enough changes to display them next to each other.

DID MA1001 LAPD SWAT Assaulter "Driver"
Easy & Simple LAPD SWAT Police Officer

These holsters look shite in real life too. My bad, this one is not on DID then.


Thank you for this review, very much in detail. I am always impressed by the quality of the miniscules inscribed on weapons, accessories and equipment. When I “assemble” a figure, I can not even read what is written on the accessories, and these review, can see everything with these images in close-up. Thanks again for sharing.


Great detailed review.

I only picked up a few pieces from this set as I don’t do SWAT figures. I grabbed the head when it first came out, and now have to decide on a body for it. I was wary of the body with the rubber arms, but I do have some of their standard New Era bodies for upgrading my older DiD based bodies, and I quite like those.

I am surprised at the issues with the parts. Their historical figures seem to have a lot better quality in them.