DID MA1002 US Navy CNSWG-4 22nd SBT "Weimy"


Authentic headsculpt
New all-era body
M-Pact 2 heavy Duty Glove hand x3
Yellow light stick x2
OD green military sticker
Tactikka Plus Headlamp
Photon Micro-Light II
MS-2000M strobe Light
American Flag Patch
MC-2G Global Navigator Compass
MICH 2000 helmet W/ Camo Paint
NVG Lanyard for the L2 G05 NVG Mount
L2 G05 NVG Mount
Integrated Breakaway Base and Universal NVG Mount
Black AN/PVS15 Night Vision goggles w/ Bikini Cover
Comtac III Dual Comm Headset X 1 + Microphone windscreen covers
O-frame MX goggles
G.I. Issue Navy Knit Watch Cap
BugEye Action Eyewear Goggles
Black long sleeve T-shirt
(Navy Modified) woodland-camo RAID BDU (Shirt)
Green-grey NSW GORE-TEX jacket
Black NSW SPEAR Body Armor Carrier
0292D NSW Chest Rig (Extra with SBT, SWCC Custom Strap)
Special Boat Team Patch
River Rat Patch
Special Boat Team DBG Patch
Ranger Green Tactical Arm Band ID Holder
Photo of most-wanted terrorist Map
Silver Screw Gate Straight D Carabiner
U-94 PTT for MBITR Radio
Comtac PTT For MBITR Radio
Multiband InterIntra Team Radio (MBITR) speaker
TK-5400 Portable Radio
Double 9MM Mag Pouch
Paramedic Scissors
CQBW rifie sling
MK18 MOD 0 Cabine rifle w/ OverMolded Pistol Grip
M900V Vertical Foregrip
SpecterDR Optical Weapon Sight Riflescope 1.5-6x
AN/PEQ-15 Integrated Pointer Illuminator Module (IPIM)
RIS Forward Grip
Vector Altimeter Watch
GCS navigator receiver
OD green Tactical Level III Assault Backpack
Water Beast Reservoir
Woodland-camo Boonie hat
Black Riggers Rescue Belt
MK24 pistol w/ mag x3
Black CQC Serpa Holster w/ High Ride Duty Belt Loop
Sidearm Retracting Tether
Black 511-L3 Carabiner
GPSmap 76CSX
RLCS Molle GPS Pouch
Military Space Pens
M18 smoke grenade (Yellow)
RLCS Double M4 Mag Pouch
Tactical Flotation Support System (TFSS) x2
Seal Pup Knives Sheath
Black Pup Elite Fixed Knife
Extraction Personal Retention Lanyard
Inner-cotton shorts
(Navy Modified) woodland-camo RAID BDU (Pants)
Black Dual Magazine Drop Leg Pouch
M4 Magazine x 5 w/ Ranger Plate
SOF Tactical Tourniquet
Groud Control Station(GCS) + Sun-shading cover
S2V Special-Ops Tactical Boots
RQ-11 Raven Miniature unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aircraft-system