DiD Quality vs DAM Toys


I’ve been away from 1/6 figures for awhile and starting to collect a bit again.

How’s DiD’s quality when it comes to WW2 to Modern figures? I was enjoying Soldier Story and DAM Toys.

What are the better brands lately? I’m seeing new brands pop up such as Easy & Simple, Flagset. I don’t like baggy uniforms the most.

Curious what other people’s opinions are on the matter.


Welcome @boosterx. I can’t speak to their WW2, but DID on the modern side is a mixed bag. Cloth items are usually well done but anything plastic (including buckles on pouches) can vary quite a bit as they tend to use lower quality plastic and items can run a bit more fragile. To date I don’t think they have produced anything on DAM or Soldier Story’s level on the modern front but as @Scrib can attest they have done some nice weapons. Their bodies are a bit dated at this stage as well.

For Easy & Simple they have used two bodies. The older style body was a bit wider than most so their uniforms tend to run on the baggy side. The newer body is a slimmer body more in proportion with DAM and Soldier Story and the tailoring is much better with more consistent joints. That body has been used on 26009 The Raid figure and will be used on the upcoming 26023 Commandement des Opérations Spéciales French figures and other future products. The two recent British SCO19 figures (26017/26024) use the newer body but will likely have the older baggy uniform as they are likely using left over uniforms from their first SCO19 figure. Their weapons are generally very well regarded with most people not liking the older style of molded boots and favoring gloves from other brands. They tend to put out product more quickly than other brands which can give them a leg up in reproducing some of the latest gear.

Of the modern brands Soldier Story and DAM are generally fighting for the number one and two positions with Easy & Simple nipping at their heels. Flagset is the house brand of one of the bigger OEM’s in the industry but other than their first Marsoc/SFG figures they have had a tendency to reuse items from earlier products, sometimes where they don’t make sense. They make for good loose parts buys as they have made some decent parts but lack the research that a Soldier Story or DAM does to ensure a reasonably accurate subject.


Thanks for the detailed reply. Seems not much has changed in 5 years.

Surprised that DAM and SS don’t make any new WW2 figures. Guess the market has declined.


Overall the quality of product has improved quite a bit in that period of time, mostly with head sculpts, bodies and your cloth gear. The base bodies you get with DAM and Soldier Story these days are a better standard than their earlier efforts in particular. Easy & Simple have pushed the envelope in terms of detail on some of their rifles, particularly some of the more modern rail systems.

The market for WWII figures is generally quite small in China in comparison (there are a small handful of retailers that really support the product) to modern and other subjects so really it comes down to a few select with the passion for the subject like DID, Alert Line, 3R, Dragon, etc. Alert Line and DID have been the most active in recent years. The European and North American markets have shrunk over the years in terms of retailer presence as prices continue to increase so that hasn’t helped either. DAM started a historical series so it wouldn’t surprise me if they sneak a WWII release at some point. I know Soldier Story had a couple of figures in the planning stage for WWII so hopefully those will come to market.


Like these?



Those are pretty nice. Something about DiD in the photos, makes it look like their uniforms are too big. Where as these prototypes from SS just look right and they aren’t even studio shots.


Soldier Story has definitely done a good job with their tailoring and general fitment in recent years. Their older releases suffered from the old baggy uniform syndrome but these days they are well done. DID has always looked somewhat awkward, not helped by the body. In addition to the figures @chpo posted they have a few more prototypes they haven’t shown off much, they have a Nam era figure or two that hasn’t seen the light of day yet.


Does someone know, if my DID MA1001 head fits a DAM or other muscle bodies? Hate the look of the pale arms of the DID muscle body from this figure.


If you change out the neck connector at the bottom of the head (DID neck peg sizing is smaller than standard) you could use it with the original style DAM body. Most muscle bodies are made for neckless head sculpts so most people usually cut the neck part off and modify the inside of the head to use with those. DID’s bodies are pretty terrible and non-standard unfortunately.


That seems to be too troublesome. I might either go with a different head and body then or just pain the arms.


This is probably the best option if you don’t like the older DAM body. I haven’t tried swapping out the head connector on a DID head yet, so even that might require modification to work. If you paint the arms you would likely need a sealer on top of the paint otherwise it may crack.


I am not too comfortable with painting yet, neither I have any equipment. I’ll probably just look for another Gosling head that fits a muscle body.

By the way, my original DID Gosling sculpt lost paint and has spots on face after posing him with the gas mask for 3-4 years now.


Not uncommon with gas masks and balaclavas. The rubbery materials used can interact in weird ways with paint and balaclavas can stain. I’ve seen in one case the radio cover on the Magic Cube Altyn helmet cause paint to melt. Wish factories would get their act together.


Thanks for the information, will check my both helmets. Just in case.


My Lazarus question; how did the new bodies for E&S turn out? They more inline with Damtoys for overall quality? :slight_smile:


For bodies I’d slot them below DAM as there are still inconsistencies. On at least some of the bodies I’ve been seeing issues where the screws for the upper half of the body (lower abdomen up to shoulders) are backing out with relatively little normal usage like posing. In some cases the screws are loose from the factory and in others they are working their way out with movement. To me this suggests the plastic used from the body may be too soft or the screws they are using have too fine of a thread. You have to be careful when re-tightening them as they can strip the threads in the plastic, which again makes me think it’s a combination of those two factors.

When I have encountered the screws backing out I’ll put a bit of CA glue on the screw threads and re-tighten them and that seems to hold better. This has been most noticeable with the shoulder joints where they connect to the body as well as the screw that controls the rotational tension of the arm. In the case of the latter there is a spring held against a screw so you have an additional force backing the screw out. Soldier Story uses the same screw/spring mechanism here, but I haven’t seen the same backing out of screws with their body.

Whomever is manufacturing the bodies is aware of the issue as you can in some of the screw cavities they are putting an adhesive like material on top of the screws, presumably with the hope it will hold them in place. Unfortunately what ever it is, it is corroding the screws. It’s a bit difficult to capture in a picture, but here is an example. That’s a relatively decent ones whereas with some others I’ve noticed the philips head is almost completely lost it’s 4 indexing notches.

I haven’t noticed this on every ES body but I’m also not testing them for repeat use. The rest of the body is good, hip joints have good tension for the legs, elbow and knee joints are fine, and the ankle pegs are consistently tight. It is an odd issue as I’ve never seen screws backing out from normal usage and isn’t consistent across all of the bodies from them.

DAM’s bodies have been virtually problem free in comparison. For all but 1 body I received in 2018, they had no obvious problems and that is with a large sample size. On that example one leg was noticeably looser than the other and wouldn’t hold in position. Apart from that I’d happily use it over just about anything shy of a premium body like the Hot Toys truetypes. If you like tinkering you can convert the DAM body over to Hot Toys neck peg sizing as well, which covers a wide number of heads on the market. I’m brand agnostic generally, but the DAM body easily has the best quality control on the market, probably a sign of their ambitions to compete directly with Hot Toys with licensed products.

Soldier Story’s current body still suffers from some niggles as well. Again the bottom half of the body is generally very good, but the hip joints still use a ball socket which means the leg tension changes as you rotate the leg inward and outward which can cause floppy legs until they are realigned straight. I prefer the implementation DAM and Hot Toys use as the tension isn’t dependent on the alignment of the leg. The arms on the Soldier Story bodies still have a problematic ratchet joint that controls the upwards extension of the arm. The plastic teeth are relatively weak and you’ll often find one arm holds better than the other. The paint they use for the rubberized upper torso and their arms is also relatively easy to rub off.

The good news is the three bodies are close enough in proportion that swapping clothing and equipment between the three is generally possible (in a few cases ES has used smaller nylon webbing on strapping that goes around the body to secure a chest rig for example) without any practical or aesthetic concerns unless you are a serious stickler. It is also a case of six of one, half a dozen of the other as the quality control of paint applications for ES head sculpts runs rings around that of DAM, and to a lesser extent Soldier Story.


Thank you for that detailed response. It really helps making sure I don’t end up disappointed with whatever I throw money at. I’ve always been particular to the overall quality of the Product. The face, the body and the uniform being the best among its peers. DiD seems to have improved as well but their bodies just scream cheap, but the weapons/clothing not so (at least on the ww2 mg releases/officer).


I would also recommend to spend your money to an DAM or Soldier Story Body. The newer E&S ones are OK but still have problems. They are definitely below the big manufactures names.


Yeah they haven’t really improved their body. The legs have no lateral tension and it just feels really dated at this point. One other body that may be worth a look is the COO bodies that they sell as a standalone release. Have seen quite a few positive comments for them, just haven’t gotten around to picking one up.


I had picked up a coo body for my Cobra trooper before I knew Coo was making some nice ahistorical figures. The body has nice paint apps and has stiff joints. Articulated but not great.