DiD Quality vs DAM Toys


Opinion on Flagset? They have some nice looking pre-orders.


Mixed bag. It’s the brand of a factory that has served as OEM for Soldier Story in the past, but the quality under their own brand has a patchy track record. You’ll notice their work elsewhere in the VeryCool brand as well as their work they did for D&K Workshop. They also made all of the Caltek in house products like the Preacher, Costa, and A-TACS figure.

In the past they’ve been caught using other brand’s loose pieces to use in their prototypes for preorder photos then substituted with a lower grade part after doing their own tooling. Recently they’ve stepped up their game a bit in at least researching their subject matter instead of making random figures with leftover overstock parts from other figures. Unfortunately that research has meant using airsoft pieces and relying on tv shows or movies which leads to inaccurate pieces as a result. Small details like knee pad colors not done right as an example.

I haven’t tried their latest bodies but in the past they have been on the lower end of the spectrum. Their weapons are usually a step below the major brands, more on par with a Very Hot to Magic Cube level.They are very good with boots when they get glue to go in the right places. Their first two releases feature some of the nicest hiking boots made in the scale.Their cloth/fabric pieces like clothing and vests range from ok to very good. They sometimes opt for lower detail levels, for example not bothering with the plastic mag inserts for HSGI Taco style pouches. Some pieces use very inaccurate materials that don’t really simulate 1:1 equivalents, for example the stretch panels on Crye pants.

Previous products have had assembly errors like optics mounted backwards on mount. Some of the dark fabrics used for shirts haven’t always been dyefast and some of the heads have suffered with staining at the base. There is still a gulf in quality of some materials and research compared to the products under the main modern military guys, including odd things like being the only OEM I’ve seen where the glue used to hold kneepads to pants, patches to their backing, and the adhesive for helmet strobes deteriorates into a staining oily mess over time that ruins the product. Other examples include the metal rods used for the charging handle in the Tavor model rusting out because of the cheap pot metal used. Because of those QC issues and mixed bag of quality I view them more for kitbash fodder and hope they put more effort into quality control and accuracy moving forward. In an encouraging design that have at least been responding to comments in China from collectors and changing some of their designs in the preorder stage. They know how to make a higher quality product but just haven’t done it consistently for their own stuff.


I have the DiD US Marine Corps Ceremonial Guard “Tony”. It is a very good Figure. The quality is different from figure to figure from what i have seen. Some of the DiD SAS Figure parts for example were not very good. The shotgun holder was falling apart. The weapons are sturdy and OK. Not on that high level like DAM, SS or E&S. The Weimy Figure has some really nice parts but the drone is crap. I like the heads from DiD. Some are really great done. So it is a mixmatch. I would not buy a complete figure anymore. You have to compromise on the quality.