DiD weapons, are they any good?

Lots of the people on this blog, including me, might not give you the heads up most of the time. However, I found two masterpieces made by this very company. Mags and some executions could be better, but as a whole, considering features, detail and them being unique, I am quite amazed.
I actually only bought these two pistols last month, as I never took a closer look, despite them being released several years ago.

MA1003 P226 w/ Crimson Trace Laser Grip MA1005 Smith & Wesson Model 6904

Both pistols are having working take down levers, lots of wording, spring loaded slide and more.

So far it’s the only 1/6 pistol I know of that comes with an aiming laser in the grip

The S&W just has almost everything you desire. Everything can be moved.

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I’ve been considering picking up the S&W. The Sig seems to have the same issue as E&S and early DAM P226s where the rear of the barrel sits too low in the ejection port cutout in the slide.

On a related note, can anyone with the new E&S/GA P320 confirm whether it has this same issue? It looks like it does in a few pics I’ve seen.

Thanks for the pics Christoph. I don’t have either of these, and it is nice to know about the takedown levers. It is a nice design feature and I can’t think of any other pistols which feature it. Congrats also on getting your hands on the S&W - they are very hard to locate.

To properly answer your question @chpo - some DiD weapons are quite good. I have several of their MP5s, and I would rank them behind SS but ahead of DAM. I like their Mossberg X12 shotgun and Sage Control rotary launcher. A lot of their metal/wood weapons seem to be a little “off.” Wonky proportions and misshapen components. I generally only consider their offerings if they have unique configurations or haven’t been done by another company - and then, only if I think they meet a certain standard of accuracy.

Just acquired that S&W semi-auto, looking forward to receiving it!

Now you tempt me :smile:

I don’t own it, but from the pics I’ve seen they appear to have produced a decent looking mg42.

DID weapons are great. Especially their metal and wood rifles. Their pistols are pretty good as Chpo has stated. I own several of theirs guns. Their older rifles are not that good. They used soft metal for their molds.