Dishonest Seller on Ebay

I’m just sharing here to inform you about this seller:

I ordered at the beginning of July a pair of canvas shoes from Damtoys (1st photo), but I had the unpleasant surprise of receiving a copy of completely different and damaged shoes. (Loose soles, cut laces, and shoes of poor quality and much smaller than those of Dam) (2nd photo).

The dispute has just been closed by Ebay in my favor and the refund must have arrived within 48 hours.

I do not understand why the seller scammed me, knowing that he has achieved a significant number of sales, and that he has very few negative notes … maybe just to get rid of his old accessories 1/6. After contact with him, he told me that I had only glued the soles … :yum:

I do not know if any of you have ever had anything to do with him. This is the first time that I encounter this kind of situation, which is why I share with you.

I am sorry for you. I know this seller and had bought many times from him. Never had any Problems or issures. Shipping was alwyas fast and all was well packed.

Ah that sucks when a seller completely scams you, I’ve had it happen as well. Are those boots that you did receive Crazy Dummy maybe?

I had dealings with them, quite a while ago. No problems, then. This situation is unacceptable. Send them the pics, and ask for the right boots, or a refund. They may want to avoid negative reviews, and ebay censure.

I bought from that seller a couple of times and never had any problems. Will be careful in the future… That kind of trick is totally unacceptable!

Thanks guys … I just wanted to share my story. The refund was made … and for only answer, the salesman had told me that I had only to pick up the soles :rofl:… since it was not honest after my request, I left him a negative feedback… Maybe the shoes are “Crazy Dummy”, I don’t know, but they are a pretty small size …

Good to know, although they served me well so far.