Dissembling DAM and E&S AK rifles - help needed

Hi All,

Quick question related to weapons modding … who here has attempted dismantling DAM and/or E&S AK rifles? How far were you able to break it down without actually breaking it? Has anyone opened up the handguard in order to get at the barrel? If so, what does the barrel look like underneath the handguard?

I have a few new project ideas on the drawing board and any intel that I can gather before starting will be most helpful. Similarly, I would appreciate it if anyone has any photos to share of any of these rifles dissembled rifles.


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Bumping this thread in the hopes that someone will have something to share.

Haven’t tried breaking either down, but the ES one seems pretty glued together at the front end. same with DAM. With the DAM ones watch out for the folding stock as the hinge likes to fall apart if you try to remove the pin. With prices these days I don’t get adventuresome outside of the AR platforms.

Cheers Adam. If no one else has tried this before, I guess someone has to be the first. I’ll share some news of how this progesses.

No luck for me either. Bolt cover and bolt can be removed, but I am quite sure that barrel and handguard can’t, although they feel suspiciously loose.
Same for me as I didn’t dare too much.
You will have more fun with an MCToys AK. There you can pretty much disassemble everything regarding barrel and handguard. Think I had even difficulties putting it back together after it basically disassembled by itself.

I have performed a handguard swap between a black DAM AK-105 from the EF series and one of their standard 74Ms.

It was not fun. The 105’s barrel and tube shattered into several pieces (damage thankfully hidden by its new handguard).

So it’s entirely possible, but since most if not all DAM AKs have the barrel and gas tube glued to the receiver, plan on breaking the pegs rather than working them out.

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