Division figures with custom Dio

Hello all,

I have been inactive for quite some time due to a number of factors (school, a move, and the hobby prices spiking). I am slowly getting back in and trying to catch up with some of the new pieces.

Due to this hobby being so expensive I branched out into other hobbies like the 1/12. I made a good friend who makes some really outstanding dioramas. Most of his work was in 1/12 scale but he was kind enough to make a dio for my 1/6 stuff. This dio is the same as his others, that everything is handcrafted and is held together with magnets so I can take it down and store it easier. Since the dio came out better than I could have imagined I need to finish up the figures a bit more. I just wanted to post to show off the work done.

Dio Shots:


I like this female much more than the original VM-019. Great diodorama and nice to have you back.

Excellent diorama, now switch it up and do Division 2, with a mini-gun and swimming shorts!! (don’t forget the face mask snorkel) :wink:

Thanks. I used the Hot Toys Rey head from Star Wars. I did not like the ten head that they used for the original.

The plan is to get them in more of the summer look as I enjoyed 2 a lot more than 1. The outfit customization is great but I always cringe when I see someone in the trunks and slides. Running is going to be a disaster haha.

Outstanding work all around. Good to have you back!

Awesome diorama! I wish stuff like this in 1/6 was available to buy.