DML/InToyz HK G3KA4 Mod


Thanks @AdamC for adding this category!

I couldn’t figure out the name for this mod but this is my reference.



I used the base from a DML HK G3 from the GSG9 Ulrich fiigure.

The scope is originally from the HK G3 SG1 from the DML Lam HK Police, I think.

The charging handle with integrated grip is taken from the InToyz MP5K set


Retractable (unfortunately absolutely rare today. I paid a shit load to get it…)

Fire selector movable

The modded part. I also shortened the barrel.

I had to make the upper receiver hollow, which was solid before, to insert the spring.

From the scope I only used the base and added a Soldier Story EOTech 552 on top which had broken rails anyway and I couldn’t use anymore.

The mags are from the HK G3 with exception of the left one with different structure from the G3 SG1

For the release date of the early 2000s this has nice detail on the bullets.

Despite being a two piece mould, DML made quite detailed rifles back then, also considering their OICW weappon sets.

In hand


Please also check out this mod. It’s the HK G3 SAS. Nicely done by an OSW member!


Would someone have a sling suggestion?


Looks cool. I especially like the collapse able stock version. As for the sling, no idea.


I’m sort of late, but the hobby is that way sometimes. How about a single point sling, on the port side of either the collapsible, or solid stock, where each has an attachment mount?

Great job building the short blaster.!



Single point is probably the best option visually. I just couldn’t find a good looking one. Everything I tried just looked weird on this Mod especially with the collapsible stock with the big loop to mount a sling.


This is a nice clean mod Chrisophe! If I could make 1 suggestion, it would be to spend a little more time on the handguard. You have done a great job with it, but if this were my build, I would fill in those holes with a little putty, sand it smooth, and paint it black so it looks like it is all 1 piece. While you are at it, I would also paint up the stock and grip so they are the same colour as the handguard, i.e. black, although this is just personal preference.


Funny story, I did this mod 3 times, so used up 3 G3 rifles, because I was never really satisfied with the outcome. In the end I left the green part, which I didn’t before, to have the green color scattered all over this mod and being more prominent.

For the stock I tried this from the SG1, but didn’t like the color. However, the shape is much nicer. Good you mentioned the stock, I might change that later.


Please post your future projects on armedfigures as well :slight_smile:


Looks quite good with this stock!