DML is aiming to return to 1/6 business

Our 1/6 collection returns!
Stay tuned!

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I’ll reserve judgment until we see what level of quality they output, and for what price.


Followed link - looks like they are dipping into past WW2 figures catalogue minus body. You get head & all the gear. Range called “Action Gear”. Good for those who are into WW2.

Disappointed personally, was hoping for a new fresh launch into 1/6. Concentrating on more modern figures/subjects (I feel that is what sells well today).

All the best to them, maybe if this generates cash they will develop other 1/6 projects (modern SF vehicle plastic kits…U can only Dream)

There was a lot of good old DML stuff, I particularly liked their weapons. As they began including cloth items instead of molded, I had high hopes for them. It seemed like the will of the plastic scale model majority, and the final glut of post-9/11 military figures, sort of jammed them up.

As for that header, it reminds me a bit too much of an earlier one:

Still waiting…

I have just checked their Facebook page and yeah, it looks like this is just a rehash of older parts repackaged into a small plastic box. Looks to include: uniform, kit, weapons, and headsculpt. No body included. Pics below from their Facebook page show the contents and packaging of one of these “new” Action Gear sets.

So they’re just cramming the FG42 in there without any kind of support? Um, okay. Some of the accessories stuffed into the ziploc baggie could get scuffed in transit too.

StG-44 pouch, but no rifle or ammo.

Do Dragon heads fit on ANY modern neckless body? If not, I doubt Dragon Neo 3s are THAT hard to source, but Dragon has not produced any figures from which to source bodies in…five+ years? Nearly a decade?

This just seems like a cheap cash grab with rehashed gear/existing molds. I hope some will make use of these, but I would like to see Dragon innovate.

After further review, I think this is old unsold stock from a decade or more ago with the bodies removed. So no newly-produced parts. Disappointing.

That is what I thought! Same rehash. I saw this post on OSW I think 2 days ago and posted. Sad…they really had nice weapons…

Apparently they have been doing this since April…it just flew under our radars.

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As long it’s WWII only it was a waste of time posting this topic. I was expecting modern parts and not rehashed non-moderns ones.

What was the meme on OSW? “He’s with Agent Grace Mack in the Humvee!” Applied to anything they teased but did not release.

I like HT’s Stoner 63, can’t say the same for many of their other weapons. Scale issues and heavy paint washes abound!

Yep, both of those things were broken promises. That really burned up the guy who was involved with the Dragon club, Scott (???).
When Dragon released the Falklands figures, there were some shortcomings, but it also looked like they were going to really step up.
As was oft-posted, it seemed like WW2 Germans, and US paratroopers were considered meat and potatoes.

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And a few MP44s still pop up in conflicts, now.