DML Objective Individual Combat Weapon Set 1&2


Item N°

Dragon Models Limited

  • 71092
  • 71093


  • HK XM29 OICW :de: :us:
  • NATO STANAG Mag 5.56×45mm (20rd or 30rd) x3
  • Scope
  • Grenade Mag 20×28mm (6rd) x2
  • Single Grenade 20×28mm x4

I thought about showcasing these 2 box sets from DML, which were released around 2005.
Both sets are actually pretty similiar and are offering the same features.

Short video about the features of the XM29 below:

A closer look at the plain weapon systems.

The ejection ports for the grenades can be opened. Also visible the spring for the grenade launcher’s charging handle

The double barrels.

Movable charging handle for the projectile part…

…and the GL. This one however is very stiff and you can’t really pull it back any further. Also afraid of breaking the mechanism.

The scopes:

Note, that they can’t be exchanged due to different rails of the rifles. Set 1 on top. 2 on bottom.

No lense!

Hollow scope with transparent lense!

STANAG mags: 20rd for set 1 and 30rd for set 2.


The GL mags include one removable grenade. Not much detail on the grenade, but great feature overall. This is actually the whole deal of these rifles. Due to being released more than a decade ago, they lack certain detail, however make up with single grenades, moving parts and in general being a quite solid and unique rifle.

Fully geared up!

Have a look how it looks on a figure. I only collect police figures and thus didn’t have a proper one to show off the military XM29.


These are both really cool, wish I could get my hands on them.


In terms of the variety of modern weapons produced, DAM has been just as prolific if not moreso than DML. That being said, since the OICW project has been dead in the water for at least a decade, I’d be very surprised to see a modern company tackle them.

I like these sets for what they are, though I had to glue a couple of the scopes together and then to the weapon thanks to a loose fit.


From 1995 on, a couple of us used to make a pilgrimage to Fort Knox every year, to visit a buddy, and see the Armor Conference, This system showed up in the weapons displays, changing every time we saw it. The concept of the 20mm grenade was neat, theoretically allowing the engagement of an infantry column, with airbursts, by ticking the laser ranging along the column.
The problem was, as shown by these scale versions, the thing was pretty huge, even after changes. It seemed like a weapon more suited to power armor soldiers.


@chpo This was one of the few topics that had some images lost that I haven’t been able to recover. If you still have the originals you may want to readd them. It looks like it happened some time ago as they aren’t in any of the more recent backups I have.


I’ll take care of that and take new pics for the review. Good you let me know!


Thankfully the forum has some handy features for finding any posts that have broken images.


These were great sets. One day I will track them down for the armoury.