Dragon 77026 AK-47 Assault Rifle


I snagged one of these several years ago in a 2 part set along with an AKS-47. Short of removing the mag, absolutely nothing moves on these old DML weapons, but my plan was (as usual) to customise this into a modernised X-47.

Extensive work was done on this piece, all of which at the time was documented in a thread over on OSW, but sadly, the pics don’t display properly anymore, so I won’t bother to share the link here. The stock, grip, and RAS was cannibalised from an over-scale and substandard Boford rifle. A lot of work was needed to fit the rail to the smaller (and more accurately-scaled) DML rifle. The AK-104 style gasblock / front sight was made by hand with putty and a lot of patience.



Awesome work , wish I had a fraction of your talent and vision.