Dyeing gear

I had previously made a post regarding dyeing gear such as plate carriers, and I was advised to use paint to do so. However some of the gear that I plan to paint in the future includes the helmets from the upcoming E&S 26040A figure. Since the helmet cover seems to be unremovable, I’m not sure if I will be able to paint everything that I need to. Add to that the fact that using paint makes cloth parts too stiff, and makes it difficult to cover every nook and cranny.

However, an alternative was also presented in the form of rit dyes. Not only does it offer more in-depth coverage, but unlike paint it doesn’t have an impact on Velcro parts (at least according to a Reddit user with whom I discussed the topic on an r/gunpla Q&A thread), and doesn’t make fabric parts stiffer. It also seems to work quite well with plastic parts, as far as I can tell. I have already sourced the all purpose version of their black dye, but that doesn’t work well with synthetic fabrics such as polyester. So I ask you, what type of fabric are 1/6 scale clothes, pouches, and fabric parts usually made of? Also, would they work on the leather-like material that E&S uses for the shoulder straps on their JPCs?

One thing I bought was fabric medium. This mixes with acrylic paint to make them fabric paint. That way it doesn’t stiffen up whatever you paint. I bought a little jar but haven’t had time to try it. I’m not a fan of rit dye I heard the chemicals on there were pretty toxic.

The cotton based ones will dye readily or soso dye readily. You may have to soak several times.

The synthetic fabrics (nylon, polyester, etc…) based ones will NOT dye!!! Painting them would work better, but the paint chips off…

“…type of fabric are 1/6 scale clothes, pouches, and fabric parts usually made of?..” All sorts of material…

I have managed to secure one of the dyes that’s made for synthetics. It seems to be pretty effective as well.