Dying Boots and other gear

I like my kitbashes to be in all black, or at the very least mostly black. However, finding up to date gear in such colors can be quite challenging. So far I’ve managed just fine, but there are certain pieces of gear that I like that just haven’t been made in those colors. Namely, I’m talking about the Salomon 4D GTX boots from the DAM K9 handler, as well as the Crye JPC. While the latter has been made in black by Very hot toys, That one lacks integrated radio pouches, which is what I’m looking for. They are present on some of Easy and Simple’s versions, but none of them come in black. And since it will likely a long time before E&S makes it, I think that I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.

The vest that I’m considering is the one from the MARSOC lightweight machine gunner, and I already discussed the boots. So how can I dye them black?


I use a 2 stage process for painting clothes/webbing/guns (anything) black.

Stage 1. Black Acrylic base hobby paint, loads of brands. I have used, Vallejo, Citadel paints Abaddon Black, Formula P3, Army Painter, AK interactive paints (they do a massive range of washes & pigments powders as well).

Stage 2. I found acrylic paint sometimes not black enough. So apply a wash over it. Recommend Weapon Washes Heavy Body Black. This is a really black wash. Another make I stumbled across is ModelMates “soot black”, this stuff gives you a really nice deep matt black. I have not used AK interactive washes but they offer a massive range of washes & other technical hobby products - maybe worth googling & having a look.

I sometimes use pigment powder washes. It can get messy & u do need to apply a fixer after to avoid getting powder on everything.

I have read that people have used clothing dyes. I have not tried this as come from a modelling background and happy with results I have gotten using modelling products. Maybe a member has experience of using clothing dyes.

Good luck

So would you apply the acrylic paint normally?

Applying paint use brushes sometimes get airbrush out for smooth finish (guns usually)

Example: the drop down leg pouch in photo was black…now green

SORRY for weird response structure, I am getting that pop up preventing me from replying, god knows what the issue is. So watered down response: I water down paint, add 10/20% water if painting on plastics.

If its an absorbent material tend to water down 50/50 or even more. Follow layer approach, slowly build up colour depth.

And for cloth items, how much do you thin the paint? And how do you figure that out? That’s what’s always confusing to me.

To be honest its trial and error. Each brands paints react slightly differently. I’ve been painting since a kid, and still get it wrong sometimes. U can minimise mistakes by testing an area - back of what ever usually good, hide error.

The example you see above, I only added about 10% water to the green. One coat got it nice. I added a second just to get a nice uniform green all over. Used Vallejo paint, they have a great range of military colours.

Good to know, thanks. I’ll keep this in mind when I’m looking for new gear,