E&S model number w/ black MagPul MOE Grip?


Strictly E&S and black, thank you!

Image taken from Barrett MK22

Thanks, I have this set at home but was a bit put off by this line running diagonally at the back of this grip or is this only an inaccuracy by E&S?

Lines remind me of the MIAD grips that had the replaceable front and back straps


I think you are right, Adam! Looks more like a Magpul MIAD grip.

I’ll see if I have one left in my inventory ;-). I’ll tell you then. Otherwise i know this grip from GA0002A. I am not sure if any other weapon or better grip has this lettering too like the MK22.

Thank you all, maybe I will go for a DAM grip if fits.

Dam does not fit for me. Perhaps you’ll be lucky