Easy and Simple hands

Does anyone else extremely dislike the hands that the E&S use, or is it just me?
Any time I buy an E&S figure, the first thing I do is put some DAM hands on the figure. I wish they would do some new molds already.

Are you talking about the soft material, which makes every rifle fall out of them?

Not only that but most of the time, the hands look a little big for the E&S body. Not to mention that they are always pointing, (I know that they are keeping their finger off the trigger but it always looks like they are pointing at something when a rifle is not being held.)

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I agree that they are most often too soft and have a weak grip. Also, some look kind of “plasticky”, too glossy. That straight index finger on the trigger hand is a matter of taste, I guess, some like it because it has that “off the trigger” look you mention. Personally, I thinks it’s an alternative to the usual flexed trigger finger. I wouldn’t mind the molds if they just changed the materail to something a little stiffer and more solid. In the end, you can always change to DAM or something, if you don’t like them. The hands and molded boots are the two minor gripes with E&S, for me. All in all, I still think they make some really nice figures and they’re my favorite brand next to DAM. And they DO make NSW and CAG!!!

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I love their figures too, the hands are the only thing that bothers me. I pre-ordered two of those new CAGS, One of em comes with none gloved hands that look pretty good.

Having issues with E&S hands too. Can you insert the DAM hands in the E&S forearms holes without any work done to them -holes-? I mean are the pegs of E&S and that of DAM hands so similar you don´t need to work on the forearms? I had to put some Hot toys hands to E&S bodies and I had to re-drill the holes in the forearms with a Dremel for Hot Toys hands pegs are thicker (though shorter) than E&S ones, but I have never even seen actual DAM hands.

I want to try DAM hands from now on as they seem very available and not very expensive and I have already used all those I have from Dragon, BBI, Hot Toys, etc.

DAM wrist pegs will fit the ES bodies as they a relatively close match with the ES sizing. Tolerances can vary on the size of the wrist opening on the bodies and pegs themselves so you may need to sand them slightly or wrap a bit of tape around them but nothing invasive.

As for the hands you’ll get people saying the ES ones are too soft and you’ll get people saying the DAM ones are too hard. I prefer the DAM ones as the paint application has a better appearance and is more uniform. I used to like the Soldier Story ones but some of them ran quite small scale-wise and looked more suitable for female figures.

Yes you can, no mods needed! It’s a simple swap. I do it for all my E&S figures/kitbashes.

I have found in my body spare parts box a myriad of E&S wrist pegs I forgot about a long time ago, (no wonder, I have many E&S bodies and I bought the wrist pegs for them), so now the problem is not: can DAM wrist pegs be inserted in E&S bodies but: can DAM hands be inserted in E&S wrist pegs? Many DAM figures come with five hands and just a couple wrist pegs and are sold altogether, so it would be great if I could use the three ones that come whitout wrist pegs with E&S pegs.

What do you know about it, boys?

Yes you can use DAM hands with E&S wrist pegs. This should be no problem.

Hands have been an interesting part of the equation of good figures, either from the factory, or substituted as mentioned here.
Before the onset of tactical gloves as a standard feature, bare hands were sought after for both the ability to function (holding, gesturing, simply “at rest”), and for realism. About the time they became detailed - knuckles, nails, and veins - the aforementioned gloved hands became dominant.

Many boxed figures came with the two installed hands, and sometimes a third, and even fourth. The ability to hold and operate arms, particularly long arms, either right or left handed.
In some cases, even more hands were included, particularly with the recent gens of nude bodies.

I have small parts bins with varieties of hands and wrist pins, which have changed greatly from the early DML, bbi, and the “surgery required” SST hands.
These days, it seems like I encounter less cases of difficulty with swapping hands, and feet (for the most part, gritting my teeth regarding ankle balls).

We have so many choices, but sometimes those feel a bit of a burden. We pride ourselves on the creativity we exercise, modifying figures, and building bashes.
At the same time, I and others are still annoyed when figures lack, as taken out of the box.

To quote Dr Smith, “Oh, the pain, the pain …”.

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