Easy and Simple’s Multicam Uniforms

This has been on my mind for a while, when it comes to Easy and Simple’s Multicam uniforms, it seems to be missing a color, only one I think. It seems to be missing the mid tone brown. Has anyone tried painting it onto the uniform? I’ve thought about trying it with Games Workshop Gorthor Brown, I feel like it matches the mid tone brown quite nicely. But before I ruin(fingers crossed I don’t) a good uniform I wanted to see if any of you guys have tried it. Let me know if you guys have some better alternatives or ideas. Thanks guys.



I say give it a go. Maybe practice on a less expensive uniform to see how the paint goes on. Check for bleeding and wicking into the fabric. Multicam already has a nice bleeding/fade in going on between some colours, which may work well when painted.

What interests me more is whether the camo is actually Multicam, or Scorpion? Either way, it’s missing that shade of brown.

I wouldn’t want to mess with an expensive BDU :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I suppose you can try on small areas at the bottom and then putting on some battle damage or worn-out effects through drybrushing if the experiment doesn’t work out.

I’ve been having a pet peeve with E&S multicam, they seem to have shrunk the pattern but they don’t have that “worn under the sunlight” color like Soldier Story and DAM versions IMO. And now you pointed out that it’s missing a color :tired_face:

Sorry to make it worse on you Doly!