Easy fix for loose magazines in magwell

As more brands reuse their tooling for magazines I’ve been noticing the fit with some of the magwells has been inconsistent or sized completely wrong to the point they are apply tar-like material inside magwells to make things fit. Tape and blu-tac can be used to fix this but they can be a bit of a pain as the material shifts around when you insert the magazine and can gum up the inside. As long as the gap isn’t too large an easy fix of this is to apply a few coats of liquid acylic finish to the inside of the magwell. Future polish is a popular brand used in the modelling community. In North America it is marketed under the Pledge brand, and specifically in their multi surface finish floor care product. Just apply, let dry, then repeat until you have enough coats and it’ll hold your magazine in just fine. Reapply as needed if you swap out to different magazines. Cleans off easy with some warm water as well.