Easy fix for loose optics and weapon accessories

I’ve spent some time off recently working my way through a backlog of things to unbox, including
quite a few weapons to assemble. I’ve found a product that works well for securing accessories. I’ve avoided using double sided adhesive in the past as most of what I’ve been able to find locally tends to be a bit too thick for use on rails or adheres too strongly, but this product works really well and is an ideal thickness. It’s tacky enough to hold in place but doesn’t adhere so strongly that it takes paint off or is difficult to remove. Just cut a strip and place on the rail or underside of the accessory. Slide the accessory in place then lightly press down and no more sliding accessories.

For curved surfaces like replacing the adhesive on velcro backing for helmets it doesn’t quite have enough grabbing power to keep the velcro material in place. I’m tracking down some 3M specialty adhesives to try out for those since most of Soldier Story’s velcro goes bad over time due to the adhesive.



This is my fix for loose accessories. Just put some of this stuff at the rail or under the scope, Laser, etc. and it will hold very good. Can be removed without any damages or arrears. Also very good for loose magazines.


I used to use blu tack as well but I find the Aleene’s adhesive to work much better as you get an even thin flat surface which helps the accessory sit level and it holds position better. I still find the blu-tack really helpful for badly sized magwell/magazine combinations (ie the SCAR from the ES Urban Sniper figure and it’s high capacity magazine which doesn’t fit at all) and especially for when attaching suppressors. If you put a thin amount of blu-tack around the flash hider it helps maintain the suppressor positioning, handy if you have one that is looser fitting or when you need to cant it slightly to one side to correct alignment. It’s a pretty sad statement for the consistency with rail sizing and tolerances, but I often end up using three products, the adhesive sheets, liquid acrylic for magwells, and then blu-tack for suppressors.

Looks like interesting stuff. Which shop do you buy it from?

In Canada you can find it at craft supplies stores like Michaels (they usually have discount coupons on their site). They don’t seem to have it listed on Amazon at the moment, but they usually stock most of their range.

I used to use that tacky stuff but most recently my go to for these sort of things is self adhesive tape. I’ve used it on ES loose upper body and wrist pegs, as well as other bits and pieces here and there. Highly recommended.

I’ll have to pickup some of that as well. I’m testing out some sheets of 3M 300SLE 9474LE at the moment. So far the holding power is stronger, enough to keep those pesky ES magnifiers with the wonky mount in a flat position. Just have to give it a bit of time to see how easy it is to remove and how paint safe it is. Assuming that works out it should hopefully do the trick for items that need to go on a curved surface like helmet velcro/strobes.