Easy & Simple 06017 Doom's Day Kit B


Cool looking rifles but I just hate those ZERT style colors.

for some reason its gaining popularity in the 1:1 gun culture also strike industries has tons of colored parts for AR15s right now
but i agree kinda ugly colors

Set C is nice. Maybe swapping the colored parts like on the SCAR PDW will do.

Can yomeone make out the Glock? 34?

It is a shame that they have only included the BAD lever on the ZERT style weapons. It would be nice to see those appear on some of the more regular coloured weapons as well.

Yes, it looks like a 34 to me.

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Buying the rifle will cost extra, but I realized you can just break off the BAD lever, repaint it and glue it to the other rifle. Worked for me.

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Very nice new set and i love the new color and design. The new handguard looks really cool together with the little suppressor / flash hider. The Magpul Bad Lever is cool feature too but it is a shame it comes only with the Doom sets. Should be also on the PMC sets. Also you have to paint it black if you want to use it with a different weapon. Bananach and Strigoi for me :smiley:. The Glock 34 was first introduced with the E&S FBI Figure. Very nice choice.

Finally, I finished this project. De-ZERT-ing this rifle was more time and money consuming than expected:

This was my former attempt, but changed some parts later

Here the final version. Hardest part was finding a matching stock that doesn’t make the small rifle too bulky. Ended up with a Very Hot M4 stock.

Scope Generals Armoury GA0003C
Foregrip MSE XP004
Mag ES 06016B
Pistol Grip ES 06014C
Stock Very Hot
Iron Sights ES 26028
Laser ES 26028

Barrel and BAD lever painted black

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chpo, that is seriously amazing! I am jealous.