Easy & Simple 06018-06019 Special Forces A Doom's Day Kit C



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06019C Mahonic for me - the non-doom rifles look quite good. Especially the lower and upper. Other parts seem to be partially from the 06014C.

Is the MRO coming with a different mount now?

Really great weapon sets. The new Receiver from Arsenal Democracy looks awsome. Chapman, Hellspawn and Krusk are on my wishlist now :money_mouth_face:.

THX for sharing Adam :+1:

These look great, I just wish the “normal” ones didn’t have shiny bolts which (for me at least) have to be replaced with silver or black ones. Same problem with the ZERT ones, the red accents kinda limit their use.

Okay, I’m calling foul - I know for a fact that E&S has already produced rifle sets named “Chapman” and “Chamkani.” C’mon guys, at least check your internal records first :smile:

I’ll probably get sets A and C and swap around parts to make an all-black rifle and…a gaudy gold, bronze, and tan rifle.

Thanks for IDing the uppers, Adam. Can anyone ID the lowers? I recognize the Taran Tactical logo, but the magwell design doesn’t seem to match anything in their catalog.

edit: I probably should have squinted at the logo a little more closely, the lowers are also Arsenal Democracy and that’s their logo.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Reaper 33 was the rifle for a future Black Powder Red Earth figure given they have teemed with Arsenal Democracy in the past. It’s an otherwise obscure choice for a release.

Ooh, I want those three non-zertied ones for sure.

Details on the Reaper 33

Does anyone know if it has ever been used in the military?

In my opinion only private owners, but you never know about PMCs. This is what they say:

We are a 100% American Company, Founded and operated by current and former Special Forces Soldiers. We are interested in only one thing: to bring the finest weapon systems in the world to the end user…that’s you. We apply the same principals we lived by in the SOF community to the craft of building precision Life Support Systems.

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I think it is more a Weapon for Sport shooter rather than for use in the military. It is too expensive. A used Reaper 33 cost about 2.800$. PMC / mercenary for example would not spend a few thousand dollar for a high end gucci AR-15.
Other problems are simply law and order. If you leave the country were your job was done and enter a different one or you are on a ship which is leaving international waters and enters the respective sovereign territories you have to respect the local laws. Mostly they throw away their weapons because they do not want any problems or additional costs. A much cheaper M4 or AK does not hurt if you throw it away or over board. It is settled with the payment.

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