Easy & Simple 06020 Special Force Weapon Set B

Parts List:

01 Assault Rifle
02 Tactial Optic Sight Scope
03 Lasers & Illuminators
04 Backup Iron Sights
05 Tactial Fore Grip
06 Tacitcal Light
07 Suppressor
08 Magazines
09 Pistol
10 Magazine Pouches

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mmmhhh…very disappointing from my point of view…a mixture of already existing stuff…what do you think?

I’m down for a couple of the Mk.16s with the standard-length barrel. Finally!

This is more one for the completist looking for the different barrel lengths. There have been a lot of SCAR related releases in the last year.

I might as well pick up the one with the 7.62x39mm lower, missed that one the first time around.

Looks like a bad joke to me personally. Yes, different barrel lengths and loose optics are the upside here.
SCARS and QBZ-95s are now officially the new AR-15s.

I came to the point now where I would rather spend 60+ on a brand new Evo3 rifle set than this.

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It is good to have some Options with MK16 and MK17. Also the Colors look good too. The only “Special” for me is the long barrel with new flash hider. E&S had done so many MK17, MK20 sets and now we get new packed MK17 and some MK16. Some different HK416A5 Version sets would be awsome. There are really no new parts. Just existing parts and some with new tan color. I only like the the 06020C and 06020A set. The 06020C works better for me than the “PMC Viking” Version. Especially with the longer barrel. Also the rare front grip in set 06020F. It looks like the older Soldier Story Prototype FN Scars have been produced by E&S / Generals Armoury now. Hopefully E&S will not set the price up to high.

Easy & Simple’s recommended MSRP is $40 USD.

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That is probably the new standard price tag for their weapon sets. Good to know. Thanks Adam.

I do agree that we’ve seen an over-saturation of SCARs lately. I’ve wanted the STD-length barrel for the Mk.16 for a while now, so I’m happy to see these despite that.

I do recall some, erm, fear-mongering by a certain spokesperson who alluded that E&S was done producing SCAR-type rifles. I guess that’s not the case, huh?

@Scrib I can see certain people that need the barrel lengths and I am totally fine that these will be offered soon. I might even go for one set.
It also saves me money as usual so I can purchase the backlog of mine.

Releasing same rifles with slight modifications consecutively won’t work, so they had to keep separating the SCAR releases from each other to keep collectors interested. These also save the companies money as old molds are used. However, it’s just this disappointment that struck me when seeing a new release, opening the thread and what do I see? SCARs again :laughing:

Hopefully, they are “done” after this one.

SCARs will never end. There are still variants to do like Kinetic (much more popular than VLTOR) equipped SCARs among others:

Or perhaps the Stryker MK3 MOD0 lower for something that is actually relevant to recent SEAL use.

There is always something else for the completists! :laughing:

There are interesting options, but most are covered by SS for my liking. The long barrel Mk16 is sth new. though.

That’s a very valid point. Nothing to argue about this!

By the way, rifle A shots got taken with the wrong grip.

Happy about the Sarrin model, as the version released with the “urban Viking” PMC is mighty rare these days. Definitely picking up at least one.

I find them very nice, all versions, it’s still SCAR :heart_eyes: … buy 1 or 2 for fun. Just a quick question, to the purists of the forum, I put the picture with the names “Arab”, real names in the Middle East or without any meaning?

The weapon names are all from Syrian Citys.

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Nothing suprisingly new here, I think. Might get the “C” version since I passed on the “Viking” figure. Speaking of that, are there any special forces using that 7.62x39mm lower receiver, or is it pure fantasy?! And since they’re “Special Forces Weapons” - I would like some camo versions. Maybe a MK 17 in AOR1 (with EGLM) so I won’t have to pay the probably horrendous price for the SS Voodoo one. Otherwise it’s just more SCARs for those who like them…

As far as I know it’s only a prototype.

FN apparently made them under their SOCOM contract per a requirement for the rifle. Not sure if they have ever been seen in use or in any available reference photos, but it is a thing.

I know that FN was to supply conversion kits, I’ve just never seen any real life evidence.
Might stick it in the DAM PMSC figure in exchange for the AK, realistic or not…