Easy & Simple 06021 British Special Force Weapon Set

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I was excited when seeing this thread’s title, then I opened it. The only new mould is the A17A2 and maybe the B handguard, from what I can make out.

I can’t deny that set C is an improvement to the recent 26033S 417 with the longer barrel as it comes in plain black. Also set B might be an option due to the handguard. Set C reminded me of the GA1001 rifle from Generals Armoury, but you cant really compare an M4 to an L119.

In the end, I like it and might get them all, but nothing completely new for long time collectors. Maybe combine set A with parts of the GA1001.

Did ES address their rubber magpuls, that are staining STANAGs and PMAGs?

@AdamC Are there designated rifles like the 416N (Norway) or 416F (France) for the UK ES could have done here?

@Col.Braddock Good on you you waited with the 417 long barrel purchase due to the strange camo color of the 26033S.

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YES :smile: :+1: and i get the Grenade Launcher as Bons. I like the L119A1 in black too. It ´s on my list now.

Perhaps we see an SAS Figure in the near E&S future?

Something like this would be welcome…


Definitely cool! If they do another serial, an SAS-modded FN Minimi LMG would be sweet, as well as a Colt Canada C8IUR (the latest variant, as seen with the Lone Rescuer set).

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Not bad. I like that 119 so I’ll probably just pick that one up.

Other than the 416c which saw limited use with the SAS, I think not. The appropriate rifle to have included here would have been the L119A2 like below (since the shorter variant has been done) or if they wanted to do something out of left field the UCIW. Perhaps a part two in the series? The 416 offers no advantage over the L119A1/2. The 417 was adopted as they didn’t really have a proper modern DMR option.

Other than some barrel/flash hider changes these mostly appear to be re-releases of the prior variations. If they have fixed the delta ring/front rail issues on the L119A1 (loose and wobbly on the Commonwealth rifle) that would be welcome. If you missed one of the configurations of the 417 in black then those are an option as well.

UCIW would be welcome. Looks similar to an AR-15 so they might have an easier job to do the mould.

I guess, the G3 SAS version is outdated now, but something I always wanted to see in scale.

Oooh, very nice. I didn´t know that rifle. Would be very welcome. Also with that smaller buttstock. The look of that rifle reminds me of the HK416C.

Performs a similar role. Basically a replacement for 9mm smg. 416c is long dead since reliability was awful and even worse than 416 to maintain. SIG has taken over that space with many and wouldn’t be surprised if some form of their 300blk platform was being tested or fielded with UKSF/SAS.

Edit: Author Leigh Neville’s writing confirms the SAS/UKSF are using a variant of the MCX LVAW in 300blk. Here’s one form what was apparently a UKSF operator.


God do we need one of those in 1/6th.

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I’m curious about what the scopes are on the 417s.

Schmidt & Bender PM II series optics on both.

The 1-8 ones? If so, that’s perfect! I’ve been looking to secure one for my m110 bash which I plan to assemble in the future as a graduation present for myself.

For the short dot it should be the 1-8x24 as that it was gets commonly used. ES has also been using that mold for a long while now.

If my goal was to build a contemporary M110 for my CAG bash, what optic should I pursue, then? A 1-8 such as the one found on this set, or something with a higher level magnification?