Easy & Simple 06022 Elite Combat Unit Gear Set - Part I Ranger Firearm Pack A


Nice to see that another company gives the M9 pistol a shot, maybe it can excel the SS one in detail.

Very slick. I want one of each.

Very underwhelming release. I think the only truly new part (I don’t count camo washes) is the Beretta M9A1, and even that has already been previewed with their Ranger Part IX figure.

That said, I’ve been squinting at them and trying to tell if they have marked slides - a feature which SS and DAM have not offered on their own Berettas. I will be interested to see how these stack up.

Actually scratch that, all but the MK16, got enough of those. Love the 48 though. Be interesting to see what rifles are planned for set B.

Always good to have some more options :+1:. I like Version “B” and “D”. Nothing really new but better than the “Gucci” style weapons.
I think Part II could be CAG or DEVGRU.

Hopefully in B or C we finally get an lvaw or a tanodized 416, of course they might just release similar weapons to these with a different paint job and attachments and list it as marsoc or seal weapon pack

A set with different HK416A5 in RAL 8000 would be very cool.

I dig it. Great stuff from E&S!

I was hoping for a “D” model in ral , they’ve done a ral a5 in the French figure

you could use than the “Pegasus” and 22lr Version as basis from Easy & Simple. I do not think they will bring out the old weapon sets again in RAL8000 color. Would be great especially with m-lok hanguard.

I’ve actually been searching really hard for a Pegasus set , the barrels and hand guards on their gen2 sets are easily interchangeable but the closest one I found was in Germany and I’m in the us so with shipping it was like 120 dollars, still tempting though

Finally, something new! That Coronavirus has made me worried about the output of new releases.

I am curious, having seen E&S pretty much on the market everywhere, how does it compare against Damtoys weapons or Soldier story for the matter?

For several years I’ve always gone down the soldierstory route, but after dabbling into damtoys milfig, I realise that Dam’s build quality is more robust and the plastic used is more durable compared to SS’ more fragile and thinner plastics. How does E&S match against these two? Would appreciate advice!

They are generally quite good and I would put all three on the same general level. Soldier Story can be a bit more detailed but at the price of fragility and inconsistent assembly which is a problem also for DAM. Over the last few years there has been in marked decline in quality control with them in that respect.

I have less problems with ES weapons than either of the two brands and outside of a couple of specific models they have been quite robust. The one area ES could improve upon would be the tolerances on their rails and accessories. As they quite often reuse accessories fitment can be quite loose between specific accessories and rifles, but you can use doubled sided adhesives for that.

After patiently waiting for the Soldier Story Iraqi SF figure, I received it (black uni) last month. I was suffering thru the laborious process of attaching Molle components, when I took a break, to work on the weapons. The M4/M203 is attrocious, not only fragile, but painted shut (I think), and the sling attachment point on the receiver broke.
The charging handle on the shotgun fell out, and is missing. The Berretta M9 appears to be solid (no slide movement, magazine solid, or stuck).
The figure itself has a great sculpt, the uniform, boots, and plate carrier look good.
The weapons…suck goat nuts.

I get that bad feeling, watching things which look like self-destructive practices, from a company that was long the top dog, or the benchmark. After the trademark debacle, they seem like a punchy fighter.

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Their paint applications have caused issues with their products in the past. The pistol from SS084 was quite known for the slide being frozen due to the paint. Missing parts, misaligned parts, pieces of subpar plastic breaking are becoming too familiar an experience. It’s a shame as the actual model are usually really well done, just the production and assembly lets the whole thing down, something that effects their other parts as well. All the parts are there but somewhere in the process the execution is breaking down.

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Wrong decal on the 5,56 Scar?

Not really, there are 5.56 conversion kits for the MK17. This is why the upper receiver is labeled as 7.62, while the lower receiver is 5.56. The USSOCOM had acquired the MK17 but they also wanted a 5.56 version and so it was cheaper to buy these conversion kits.

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Ooh, thank you for the explanation!
I thought they had a little confusion with the names