Easy & Simple 06023 Doom's Day Kit IV


Perfect! I missed the one that came on the PMC. Now I have options.

One of their best releases. Going to need two of the green and one each of the tan and black.

I’m glad that despite this being under their “Doom’s Day” banner, they did not go crazy with the wolf gray and metallic red - the gray only appears as detailing on the green set, and the metallic red is nowhere to be seen.

Oh snap. Some nice rifles right there. More money out the window.

FYI, if anyone doesn’t like the gray detailing on the green rifle, you can do something about it.

Yes, curiosity just got the better of me. Trying this with a SS or DAM weapon would probably result in breakages. E&S makes durable weapons!

Yeah, that’s what I like about E&S weapons, they hold together very well.

That is good news. I disliked the grey highlights, too.

Of course, you’ll need a donor rifle for the grip panel and stock/cheek riser assembly.

The FDE furniture from the tan B set probably wouldn’t look too bad, but the green will likely work best with black from either the C set or the Urban Sniper’s SOCOM-16.

I have three of the SOCOM-16s from the Sniper figure and will likely convert at least one of the green rifles from this release as I just described. I will give the FDE SOCOM-16 with the gray parts to my VTS Darkzone Tracy figure, as she already has kind of a brown/gray color scheme going on.

This of course assumes E&S doesn’t use firmer glue to attach the bits with this upcoming rifle set. For the Urban Sniper’s SOCOM-16, I was able to detach the stock piece and grip plate with just my bare hands, and I used a small flathead screwdriver to pop the grip panel off.

They need to throw some N95 masks and rubber gloves in there too. Nice rifles and chest rigs though!

A very welcome addition from E&S! I do quite like the look of the long barrel and the M14 muzzle on the green version - although the colours do seem a little off. JAE do make an OD version of the JAE-100, although it is quite a bit darker than this. It is a shame that they messed this up. The colours on the tan version are much more accurate, but I would rather see this with a traditional M14 muzzle up front. I already picked up one of the short FDE versions which came with the urban sniper figure, and may get one of the green ones as a companion piece, although this will need some modification / repainting to get it looking the way I want it.