Easy & Simple 06024 NSW Marksman Rifle Collection


…and here we go with some classics nsw-sniper rifles.
i love it!

You know that old adage, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?”

Time for me to exit this topic!

This would be good if they didn’t just release a camo M110 with the ranger firearm sets a month or two ago. I’m starting to get fatigued from all the recent NSW/NSWDG products that E&S has either released or announced so far this year. Sure they’re of great quality and feature some cool new weapons and gear, but it would also be good if they could touch on some other units that they’ve either never did a figure for or haven’t done one for a long while. For instance, Army special forces. the last figure they did for them was the one with the prosthetic leg, back when they still used the 1.0 bodies.

As for new units they could do, I think that Air Force SOF units like PJs, CCT, TACP, SR, and the 24 STS have been almost criminally underrepresented in 1/6 scale form. SS has so far been one of if not the only company to tackle them, and ES/MSE has so far only done the CCTs once, with the Mark Forrester figure. And those SS products are now scarce, meaning that E&S would be able to fill that niche with little difficulty, especially with their comparatively snappy release schedule.

Speaking of niches, E&S has carved out one of their own for elite LEO units, especially British ones. and if recent DAM/SS releases are any indication, this niche is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. In this regard, I believe that BOPE and the USSS CATs would make suitable candidates for 1/6 representations. Their distinctive usage of all-black kit would set them apart, and make them excellent for kitbashing as either a base figure or a source of loose parts. The CATs’ KAC SR-15/16 rifles may become especially popular, if the rumors of them supplementing or even replacing the HK416 for JSOC bear any truth.

Finally, an SR-25 carbine. Is the only difference between D and E the muzzle and silencer only?

Different optics as well. Razor on D, Nightforce on E.

E&S has done the SR-25 carbine with at least one figure, as well as in the 06006 weapon assortment.

Edit: 26003 is the figure I was thinking of.

True, thanks. Just different stock to 26003. So E for me!

I goofed - that’s a Leupold Mark IV M3 or similar on the E set, not a Nightforce.

First if all, I think these are some nice rifles with excellent paint jobs and some cool parts.
I can understand that some of you are disappointed with E&S’s emphasis on NSW in their recent relaeses, although personally, I couldn’t gave enough of that subject. I guess they are placing a sure bet - SEALs sell. DAM and SS are also back on the SEAL bandwagon, so I guess it makes sense from an economic perspect
ive. The fact that it would be nice if manufacturers would tackle some new subjects and more “exotic” SOF units has been discussed to death, alas…
Now, some questions for the experts:
Version A is named “Red Wings”, but would that collapsible/adjustable stock be correct for that period?
Wouldn’t the KAC carbine be a weapon used by Delta/CAG, rather than NSW?
Thanks for some enlightenment!

Are those guys CAG? I am really not big on rifles, how do you tell the difference? The handguard/rail? What would make the SR-15/16 preferable to a HK?

Identified as CAG. Rail and specific length configurations are usually a giveaway, but often when there are open solicitations for testing you tend to get more information coming out. Apparently they are testing options from HK and SIG as well. The SR16 bolt design and gas system seem to be the touted features.

…have grabbed some mk12 from this collection :grinning:

overall…great weapons as allways from e&s and the sidearm in every set is a welcome additional…

BUT i don´t know if it is just in this collection or other weapon collections from e&s???
but it seams to be that they had change the sidearms for there weapon-racks
because there are no racks anymore available in these sets :neutral_face:
on the one hand it is cool to have a sidearm with a main-weapon in one set…
but on the other hand the racks are great, too!

so if u like the racks hold them in your collections…
because they maybe will no longer available again in the future with e&s weapon-sets :wink:

Weapon racks haven’t been included in quite some time now. They have been trying little extras with some sets like pistols, ammo carriers, or vests. I really like the racks myself and have used quite a few of them but in the end with shipping prices increasing everywhere they aren’t practical to include.

I’m looking into making a sort of “team room” diorama with a weapons locker, rack, shelves, table, and objective board. However I don’t think that I’ll have enough space.

Up to now I had not the slightest interest in this set of rifles, today I began to examine them and in conclusion I ordered the MK11 Mod 0 “Whalers”

I also noticed that the two SR25 sets have a different pistol than the MK11/MK12 sets

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This is a great looking rifle, it reminds me of the one that came with the DAM SDV Red Wings figure (78008).


I was really undecided about which of the 5 rifles to take, due to the stock, the optics, the silencer, the laser pointer, the lateral micro red-dot on the SR25, of different caliber, the under barrel grip and the 2 different pistols; they are similar but there are really a lot of differences. In the end I chose this one because of the combination of stock, silencer and optics

I am always impressed with the detail on E&S rifles.
I just wish they do the same with some Russian weapons.

Wasn’t impressed by their AKs either. Too little detail and behind DAM.