Easy & Simple 06025 SCAR 20S Rifle Sets

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A bit of a different approach here with a lot of items bundled into a weapon set. MSRP is $84.99 USD.

$85 bucks huh? That’s acceptable for the amount of stuff you get. However these are pretty “meh” to me. I do like the M17’s though.

Cool sets. I’m not very much of a collector of western weapons and gear sets, but will absolutely be looking for a few of those rifle tripods.

I like the weapons despite being SCARs, but loose only. The weapon tripod alone pushes almost half of that price, I think.
Tan P320 is a good addition, helmet, holster and rig a mean to raise the price in my opinion.
Although it’s not completely new it’s enough to get me intrigued.

Is that a new scope on the 6.5 Creedmoor version, too?

Sh*t…more money down the tube…LOL!

Oh well, I don’t know… Lot’s of gear for a lot of money. The tripod is cool and I do like SCARs, but I can do without the rest. Would be better loose. Think, I will pass.

Regardless of what I think of the sets themselves (don’t want any more SCARs), I think this is a good sign. Uniform/kit sets like this are awesome.

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Should be this one

Oh wow look everybody, E&S are releasing ANOTHER set of SCARs! They are really trying to get their money’s worth out of those moulds. How many is that now? That new sliding stock is interesting, but so much of this is all too familiar.

I agree with you on the weapon choice. I think this would be better if they were doing AKs, Sig MCX, or something - anything else really.

i really like scar´s (mk17 and 20) BUT…
double this what canuck and turkeyshot wrote!
to bad…why not do some more mk14-sets…
not these “doom´s day-style” more “the good old days-style” (BHD, TOS, 90s delta, 2000s sealish…)
they are really rare and cool/oldschool as hell :upside_down_face: :metal:t2:

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The stocks on the A and B sets are the Luth-AR MBA-4 w/ cheek rest. I believe it is new to 1:6.

Lots of great pieces here, but I may try to source loose parts. I don’t know if the 20S is different enough from the suppressed Mk.20 SSR I already have in inventory to justify the purchase. I’ll probably pick up the tan M18 pistol, a couple of the S&B scopes as I like that mount, and perhaps another HOG Saddle with tripod - that is a neat piece.

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Are those chest rigs used by any unit in particular? I could see doing some kind of contractor bash but not much else?

It’s bugging me a bit that the 20s are civilian rifles or am I mistaken? Any real unit bash you can use them with then?

I believe they are civilian rifles, yes.

The suppressor is kind of an odd inclusion in that regard, but in the US, if you pass the check and pay for the tax stamp, you can legally own and use a suppressor as a civilian.

Ugh, more scars, wish they’d do a set of something everyone uses, I’d love to see a new m4 set of like newer noveskes or knights armament or of course them to put out a mcx set with multiple options like they used to do with different 416 variants, the dam neck 416 was actually my first e&s purchase

To those who own this set, how big is the box (length, width, and height)?


24 x 10.4 x 5.5 all in cm

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