Easy & Simple 06026 Special Forces Snow Field Operation Gear Set

Parts List:

  1. Insulated Combat Jacket and Pants
  2. Ballistic Helmet with Cover
  3. Balaclava
  4. SI Tactical Glasses
  5. Light Weight Chest Rig
  6. Light Weight Assault Pack
  7. Helmet Camera and Light
  8. Climbing Rope with Carabiners
  9. Advanced Handheld GPS
  10. VIP Strobe
  11. 5.56 Suppressed Assault Rifle
  12. Holographic Sight
  13. Tactical Lights
  14. 7.62 Designated Marksman Rifle
  15. Tactical Bipod
  16. Rifle Scope
  17. 9mm Pistol
  18. Holster with Molle Adaptor
  19. Pistol Mags
  20. Headset


Like I said in the SS109 topic, lot of gear rehash going on here. Is the camo pattern some kind of Arctic Multicam?

I think the Mk. 17 suppressor is an HK 7.62 model that E&S has not yet done, will try to source one or two loose. It’s similar to the SMG G28 suppressor, but that one has spikes/ridges (for breaking glass?) and is slightly longer.

Magpul ACS stocks… Magpul ACS stocks everywhere!

Multicam Alpine pattern.

cool but I will pass for now, maybe later.

I’ll pass. Snow-camoed, parachute-laden and diving-geared figures are not my things.

Why am I getting Flagset vibes from this… maybe it’s the backpack? And those two rifles would not be my first choice…

Regardless, I’m glad that accessory sets are a thing again.

Hey, the snow is back! :snowman_with_snow:

Sorry E&S…But I don’t see any use for this one! :unamused:

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so does this mean DAM’s next release will be winter warfare Seal?

“Limited seasonal products” - so, for summer, will we get a Swimsuit Issue SEAL?! :joy::sunglasses:


This is doing nothing for me either…

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I suppose that we are in short supply of bikinis in multicam and AOR1.

Just what I thought - looking forward to some fashion conscious tacticool operators in scanty attire…

I’d definitely buy their onlyoperators.

Hahahahahaha!!! That is a good one!

I’m rechecking, this set doesn’t come with pistol mag pouches?