Easy & Simple 06028 USASOC URG-I Operation Kit


MSRP for each set is ~ $80 USD.


Look cool. I like the partially camo’d one. Also, more kitbashing parts🥳

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These look good and seem like a logical addition to their SF sniper figure. They COULD have added this rifle to their “special” version, but this way, they make more money…


DAMN, they give you a whole kit? I would like to see this done more, I will pay the extra money.

both of these camo patterns match the upcoming Easy & Simple 26042S and 26042R Army Special Forces Snipers. hmmmm, good choice for extra options for those figures,

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they played us like a damn fiddle, but I’m a sucker so I will get them still.

Don’t know what to think yet personally. However, I dislike the new pattern of adding gear to the rifle. Will be more difficult to obtain the rifle only this way.

Is that scope mounted in real use?

Can’t wait for these, are just rangers and sf using these or are seals using them as well

I don’t see any sort of way for the holster to attach itself to a belt, plus it doesn’t look like it could fit a light. The new JPC 2.0’s in Multicam tropic and arid are a nice addition, though I’ve already spent enough as it it is on the ones from the 26040A and B figures, and I’ll be satisfied with dyeing those black. The helmets from the latter set look the most promising, since I’m currently looking for helmet covers for my DEVGRU bashes. Apparently they mainly use the firstspear cover, and have been known to use the Orion Defense group one. However the former doesn’t have any cable retention, and the latter hasn’t been made at this scale yet. Should I use the covers from the helmets in this set and dye them MC black, or is there some other option?

I’m really liking all of the additional arid multicam gear and uniforms that E&S is using lately.

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Was thinking “yet another AR” from the thumbnail, but that’s honestly quite attractive-looking. I’d be looking for the elcan + aimpoint micro (?) combo loose too.

Haven’t seen it but they have a current contract in place for it apparently.

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Just when I was about to write off that Special Forces set release, they pull me back in with this!

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As far as I know SEALs are still using DD rails.

Damn those are nice. $80 is pretty steep… we shall see.

Well, that’s just great.

Looks like some more overtime for me.

I wish they wouldn’t sell with the accessories with this gun kit. That is what is raising the price of these. I mean $50 was enough, but now $80 for this…


I’m with you on this one. E&S could sell two versions of these weapons; one version with just the weapon (including perhaps a fun patch or something like that) and one full kit with all the extra stuff included (?)

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i like!
the rifles are not mine but ok…and as i said: especially mc arid is welcome:-)
good to see more other mc options with pc and gear.