Easy & Simple 06028B URG-I Operation Kit Review

So, tonight we have the Easy & Simple 06028B USASOC URG-I Operation Kit Review for your reading pleasure.

URG-I, or Upper receiver Group Improved, and the Multicam Tropic kit is what we’re looking at. So lets get right into it.

The Box and packaging is similar to most of the other rifle sets, but it’s a bit taller to accommodate the extra uniform gear in the set. Typical box with taped tabs, and cutout foam inserts.

I’m going to start with the vest as opposed to the rifle, which is the headliner of this set. Sewing it detailed, but there are plenty of loose threads around this set. There is the vest itself, an attachable backpack, 2 magazine pouches, a medical pouch, helmet and a belt as the clothing/gear bits.

The backpack attaches to the back of the vest with small zippers. They are a bit fiddly, but do go in and zip up. Of special note, don’t zip too fast or the pull will come right off the zipper, as there are no finished ends. Then you have to try and jam and wiggle and curse to get it back on. That’s annoying. This should have had some attention addressed to it before being released.

The Backpack is stuffed with tissue. Nothing fancy inside. No dividers or loops, or finished edges.

The sewing on the MOLLE loops looks a bit clunky, and not like most other vests. Like they went over it a few times, and the threads are more noticeable.

Lift the front flap/magazine pouch to reveal some velcro attachment patches. I believe this is how the spare ammo pouches also attach. But there isn’t a lot of reference to that installation.

The front magazine pouch can be removed if you desire. Just pull the straps through the loops, and set it aside.

On to the rifle. For the most part the rifle is well done. The appearance is great, and looks a lot like the promo pics. So there is no need to post more of the same stuff. Paint applications are decent, and the details are well done.

But… That’s where the good stuff ends. And the pictures begin for me. The Elcan Spectre DR is loose on the rail, and moves around. The dust cover on the ejection port is so loose if keeps flopping open, which is not normal for E&S. The forward hand grip falls out. The small rail sections do fit more snugly, but you really have to push them in, and this hollow forward end feels like it’s going to crush if it’s pushed on too hard.

The light and laser switch fits well, as does the laser. The tac light is loose, but it interferes with the laser, so that keeps it from falling off if you mount it a bit further back. The cords for the laser and light are okay. The cord fits the laser well, but does not fit into the light at all. That will have to be drilled out to work. That’s annoying, and so are the loose attachments.

We have some black PMags with Ranger plates. Haven’t seen those in a bit. Nice details there.

Magazines can fit into the front pouch. Or the extra added magazine pouches. The extra mag pouches hold 2 extra mags, and elastic straps will keep them from falling out. I have to mention that the front pouch looks like it was designed to hold three magazines, but there are no individual pockets, just one big loose pouch with 3 elastic straps to keep the mags from falling out.

The medical pouch (aka, LBT 9022 blow out pouch) is neat. And kind of lame at the same time. Looks like it is made to either attach to a belt, but could also attach to a vest or pack with straps for MOLLE loops. It has some strange zigzag closure at the top, with the small flaps attached to the front and back of the pouch in a staggered pattern like zipper teeth. But here’s the weird part. It is laced together with string on a pull strap that looks like you pull it to keep it closed (actually it’s pull to open, but that feature doesn’t work.). But I couldn’t actually open it. Maybe I’m just tired, and a bit frustrated at this point. But E&S sure put a lot of detail into a part that looks like it should work, but doesn’t.

The holster and Glock 19. The Glock is a fairly standard issue part. Nothing outstanding. The holster… well… it looks nice. Has a nice fabric cover in the Multicam Tropic. But that’s it. It’s big. Too big. It’s too wide and the pistol is VERY loose inside it. So loose it just falls out if it’s tipped at an angle. And with no retention strap at the top, you can really see how big it is inside. This is not typical of E&S holsters from my previous examples. (EDIT) You can see the big clip on the back side of the holster. Normally this clips into a leg/thigh mount, or some kind of base. But there is nothing to attach this too. It’s like they forgot a part. Here’s half a holster set up… enjoy. Maybe weave it through the MOLLE loops on a vest. Or source a different holder and swap the holster. And the bigger fit looks like it was made to fit a Glock with one of the new RDS’s on it. And maybe a paint job to take up some of that slack.

Oddly, you get two spare magazines for the Glock, but nothing to put them into. Maybe I am missing something, but it appears there is no pouch to stuff them into, unless you put them in a rifle mag pouch.

There are two small pouches at the bottom of the pack that look like they could be pistol mag pouches, but they don’t seem like very intuitive positions for them. Especially if you opt to use the vest without the pack. (EDIT) After a bit of searching I have discovered those bottom pouches are made for spare URG-I / M4 mags, so pistol mags will most likely just fall out of them.

The rest of the gear is the sling, belt, dump pouch and helmet. All are sewn well, and made. And the Multicam Tropic actually looks better in hand than on the promo pics, so that’s something good.

The dump pouch has a nice wire sewn into the opening to hold it open. You could also shape it to any desired preference. And there are some small loops inside for something if you want to stuff something in there. I’ll get pictures of that later. That seemed like an odd detail for a dump pouch to have.

Final impressions. Well, the set is not great, but not terrible. I do expect more from the quality from E & S. Especially at the price point of $80 USD MSRP being asked for these sets.

The loose and ill fitting accessories on the URG-I rifle are terrible. It’s more than usual, and it’s annoying to think I will have to jam them on with some black tape, or glue them in place. It looks pretty, but it’ll be a pain to use on a figure without fixing those loose bits.

The sewing is decent overall, but strange missed details like the zippers on the pack, and extra chunky threads on the loops are a bit off-putting.

The holster just leaves me scratching my head. Why half a holster set up, and why so big?

I’m going to have to put a bit of work into this gear to get it up to snuff on a figure.

I hope that the issues are just a one-of thing with my set, and not something that is through the whole production run. But I suspect it’s not, and that’s a shame. Maybe the A set with the Multicam Arid parts have a bit better success in this arena.

Some of the shortcomings may also be answered if you combine this set with the Special Forces Sniper set which uses the same camo pattern uniform. But it certainly doesn’t excuse the lack of quality.

Feel free to add any feedback or questions. Or add any of your own thoughts on the subject. These are just my thoughts and experiences on the subject. I hope the read was helpful and informative for you.

The original promo photos and discussion can be seen here.


Good review but many listed Problems are nearly E&S Standard. Especially the loose fit of the accessories. it’s like gambling whether the attachments fit.
Does you have some more shots from the rifle and/or handgurad? Is the handguard glued or can you disassemble it? Would be interesting to use the handgurad wit a different Receiver group.

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Col.Braddock, the upper receiver and handguard are fit together with alignment notches, so they do fit together. Like all (most? :wink: )good modelers, I tried to take it apart, but it’s either very tight or glued together. The upper receiver and handguard are meant to go together as one piece, so swapping lowers would be the only real option, on a real rifle, and apparently the model as well.

The loose accessories has been an issue from the very beginning, and really has never been fixed to any reliable standard. Painted accessories often need to scraped clean with a hobby knife so they’re not too tight. The M-Lock rail sections are almost too tight, while the hand grip just falls off. You’re just killing my soul E&S… :wink:

I’ll try and get some close up pictures. But overall, it’s the same as what you would see in the promo pics.

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Nice review Mike. I’ve decided to pick up an URG-I despite the shortcomings you identified. I can work with them.

Jam and wiggle and curse…that really is this hobby in a nutshell huh? I recently delaced one pair of jungle boots from a custom figure and stuck on and relaced a new pair and it was a miserable, hours-long experience.


Owwwch… It’s not so much that I refute the notion of tweaking problem parts, nor do I think companies owe me to have everything just right. Just as long as they understand that their quality and detail do effect their customers’ decisions to continue buying.

The zipper issue is quirky, but I also only days ago had to address a zipper malfunction on a new, out of the package waterproof shell. Mistakes do happen.
That was time-consuming, and a bit irritating, as the concept of the jacket was being rugged and reliable.
The 1/6 aid pouch in the URG-1 kit stands out to me. If you want to represent a complicated item just for show/as a cool factor, provide it completely fixed and inoperable. If it could function, then do it right (including design and assembly), and take the time to inspect/accept/reject them.
Too demanding? 1)Make it a dummy. 2)Drop it.

Michael, I dunno if you have the patience of a saint, but if I was asked how much patience a saint has, I’d point at your review.

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Great review!

I also experienced all the same issues you had, the pistol holster one was particularly annoying and it seems it could have been easily avoided if they just included a light with the handgun.

One thing that I had an issue with, that you nor anyone else has mentioned yet, is the velcro/hook&loop on the JPC. It is by far the worst velcro I have ever seen on a figure/accessory and it was extremely frustrating to get it to even stick let alone look nice. I get that velcro is usually pretty awful on 1/6 stuff and I’d be happy to pay more if they found a way to make it not completely suck, but this time around it really is exceptionally awful. Did I just get a particularly shitty one or has anyone else had the same issue? I’d really like to know.

Also, a quick note on the IFAK pouch since you were confused by it. (I wouldn’t recommend opening it as it’ll be hell trying to close it again.)

They are what’s called a blow-out pouch and usually belt mounted at your 6 o’clock. The laced side is supposed to face the ground and you just rip the laced cord out to have the IFAK quickly fall out into your hand. The IFAK’s contents are all sealed in a plastic bag so all your stuff stays together when it drops down. They are bit of an old design but work quite well, mine has never had an issue.

Here’s a quick demo from an airsofter I found- LBT 9022 blow out pouch - YouTube

Please note that he’s using it incorrectly and you would never want to put a tourniquet or shears in one as it defeats the purpose of it being quick to use.

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Nice, detailed review, thank you.

I understand the frustrations with e&s rifles, but at least they are sturdy. I’ve had soldier story weapons literally crumble to dust in my hands.

I’m hoping for a future boxes figure carrying a urg-i m4, I think I’ll pass on this set.

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Jam and wiggle and curse and cut and trim and file and scrape and… Funny how some things never change. But we shouldn’t really be going backwards on QC as well.

I love lace up boots for figures. But I hate them too for that same reason. Suckers for punishment I think.

Maybe I have too much patience sometimes. Both a blessing and a curse. Helpful when trying to work things out. Not so much when it gets to the point where the towel should be thrown in, and I keep plugging past that.

That aid pack is interesting. It’s actually a well done part. But everyone is so used to messing with the bits and checking how they work with these 1:6 parts, we don’t often stop until we’ve gone to far and maybe ruined a part we didn’t need to be messing with in the first place.

Thanks Husk.

You’re right, I didn’t mention the velcro. But I did notice it. It has been used on many figures over the last 8-10 years to varying degrees of success. Or not, depending on where it gets used. The good side? It makes for thinner more accurate layering of in scale fabric. The bad is that on most occasions, it doesn’t work at all. It’s just not grabby enough (is that the technical term for that?). The worst is on pouch flaps where it’s used, and never closes. But that big patch at the front of the vest, and gravity being a thing, helps to almost make it work properly. Almost.

Thanks for the vid on the Blow out pouch. Oddly, I think this is the first time I have seen it in 1:6, and it has been around for a while. It’s a well made part, just don’t mess with it. But now that I have seen it in action, I want to improve it and make it work haha.

And thanks Warden. I do the reviews for that purpose. To help folks make decisions if they haven’t already bought the set.

As requested, here are some close-ups of the rifle. Some nice etching, and printing.

It looks like the handguard should just pull off, but I couldn’t get it to move.

Also of note, there are no iron sights like we usually see on E&S rifles. But I suppose the T1 makes up for that.

Bottom pouches on the backpack. These may be where the pistol mags are intended to go. Or anything else that fits really. (EDIT) These are meant for the rifle mags according to researched pictures online. Pistol mags will probably just fall out.

Easy&Simple 06028B URG-1 33 s

Interior details of the dump pouch.

Helmet and cover details. Pretty sure that should say FAST on the front. Good old licensing fun.


A slight detour, but comparison/review of the Sniper figure weapon parts from the “S” version figure. Both good and bad again. I added them here as well because they are companion parts/sets to the URG-I sets.

The silencer is so loose it’s useless. It will not stay on. It will have to be sleeved to be useful at all. The bipod attaches well to the small rail sections. But the rail sections are so tight they almost don’t fit the handguard. Which is good and bad. Why is it good that they don’t fit? The only part that attaches to them is the bipod. The rest can get tossed in the spares box as there is nothing to fit on them. The PVS-27 scope doesn’t fit at all. See the details below.

The rifle is quite nice and well done. Nice printed and sculpted details. The folding stock is well done and snug. The S&B scope fits on the top rail really well.

The PVS-27 Scope is so tight it doesn’t fit on the rifle. I’ll have to file that one out to even get it to work. I almost snapped the top rail off the rifle trying to put it on. I’ve had to superglue the rail back onto the rifle

Metal Cartridges in the magazine almost makes up for the flawed rifle accessories. Nice feature. I wasn’t expecting that. I wonder why the magazines aren’t full of them? :wink: Oh well.

Comparison to the Arid Multicam SF Sniper figure. The Glock is very well done, and so is the holster. The URG-I set holster is huge.


ES install kits like below should be kept at the ready. It would be ideal if they started bundling some sections of 300LSE as loose fitting accessories are quite common. Having an accessory zip along a rail and go flying off the has been known to happen.



Roger that, Sir! Got all this stuff and more at the ready for every new figure that arrives! :wink:

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Have you tried loosening those two torx screws? I assume you have the scale wrenches, LOL.

I think the velcro problem on the vest has already been solved by DAMToys, they cut short the straps just at the molle points so they don’t interfere with the bigger velcro. I’ve seen this in their FBI HRT vest.

The loose holster is a cost-saving measure I believe, they want to reuse it for future releases. I tried mounting E&S tac light and it’s just too big and wouldn’t fit in the holster. Maybe it will work if they make this kind of tac light or something smaller.


I actually prefer loose accessories for the rifle, easier to adjust and move around than super tight ones. Add a miniscule dab of grey tack here and there and they’re good to go.

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Yeah, I tried the mounting a light to this also, because the holster is to be fitted with a Glock and light, not just a Glock. I think if you dremel the sides, it should fit. Have not tried it…

Has anyone ever tried disassembling the G-17? I’m thinking of repainting it, all these grey and black guns start to look a bit boring to me :grinning:

I’ve tried out one of my spares, and I think I finally found a way to safely remove the slide from my E&S G19, and I’d presume it would work on other models.

  1. Pull the side back.

  2. There should be a rectangular bit at the back of the lower frame, move the slide side-to-side to dislodge it from that piece.

  3. Once dislodged, push the slide forward while pushing the receiver down, which should be enough to remove the slide entirely

  4. To put the slide back on, repeat process in reverse.

I’d also imagine that you could use this method to mix and match slides and lowers. Be careful with the barrel, as it is connected by a peg to the frame.


Standard kit and more. Can’t do figures without that stuff. :wink:

Where did I put those wrenches…? Barbie must have made off with them again.

I haven’t seen that vest yet, so I can’t compare anything to it as far as the velcro is concerned.

I could see the holster working better if the pistol had some accessories on it. But we got a bare bones model pistol, and this is a bad move for the holster. The loose space is at the sides though, so unless it’s a huge light/laser, it won’t make up the space at the sides.

These rifle accessories are so loose, they slide at the slightest angle or touch. Grey tack will be a must.

I tried it right away on my least favorite gun and managed to successfully pry the slide open with no breakage :+1:

Now to find time to start airbrushing again. :ghost: