Easy & Simple 06029 MK22MOD0 ASR Weapon Set


Oh yes! The accessories are awesome.

An easy pass for me. Maybe I pick up some accessories along the way.

Very nice. What’s the MSRP gonna be Adam?

It’s an MRAD with a different stock adapter and no markings. But might get 1 or 2. Just annoyed by their new sets. Weapon only would do, maybe accessories, but helmets, holsters and else is just off to me.

It’s a shame the all black version is limited to a certain US shop. These restrictions are always a huge letdown in small hobbies like this!

How many announcements do we have now ? This is a record for E&S!

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Gonna be a pass for me, between the lvaws I preordered and some of the cag figure stuff I picked up and wanting to order a few of the noveskes the budget isn’t allowing a sniper rifle

Lord almighty, I already made a custom all black version for Christmas last winter, by combining the ones from MSE. I don’t regret making it since I can’t have been able to predict that something like this would come out, so the one I made can as a spare, with maybe the NF 12-42x56 scope that I repainted transferring to which new set I get. That being said, this is an amazing release, containing all that one could ever want or need for a sniper figure. @chpo mentioned there being an all black version that’s exclusive to a particular US store, whose identity I don’t need to ask for since that will likely be made clear soon enough. If all the accessories included in this set are also blacked out (with the hillier hopefully being in MC black), then I will definitely have to make it if not my first boxed weapon set, then at the very least my first preorder. Might also snag a few duplicate items if it gets parted out loose too for my future CAG Designated Marksman bash.

I should also ask, what scope is on these rifles, and what caliber are they?


Schmidt & Bender PM II Series

Okay, they do look good, but I will probably do like @Swede_113 and get some of the accessories loose. Too many sniper rifles in my parts box, anyway…

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Really like the accessories - try and sell the rifle. I find retailers rarely “party out” these E&S kits Just do not have a desire to collect sniper rifles rather have designated rifleman type weapon systems.

With they would do a set of pistols: either one make NOT GLOCK! or selection of pistols from around the world

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Their recommended MSRP is 85 USD.

They’re actually making an MC black ghillie, hat, and backpack for the exclusive version! Shame they aren’t making the ATAK black as well (they previously made a dark grey one for the SAD DA mission figure), but I can just repaint as need. I’m going to see if I can convince my parents to let me preorder this.

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I think they do this do they can charge more, I miss their $35 sets when they first did the first batch of 416’s

Ok, thanks Adam. Steep again, I also wish they would just stick to the weapon and maybe one or two items to keep cost down but what’re ya gonna do?

That is probably part of it as their rapid and frequent release model depends on leveraging existing tooling and patterns but I presume they are also trying to gauge what people want in a “Gear Set” versus a figure. From the feedback I’ve received people are less inclined to buy a gear set if the pricing is equivalent to buying everything loose and having to buy what they feel is “filler” product. There is a balance to be figured out there but will vary from person to person as to what we consider filler product depending on what we have in our spares bins. Shipping costs also play a factor, especially with air freight prices carrying an ongoing huge premium due to COVID gouging. Lower priced items get disproportionally effected by that so it sometimes make sense to aim for a higher price point with a larger piece count.

What I didn’t like about the earlier E&S sets was the inclusion of the weapon racks.
They added unnecessary weight and bulk to every set, which made cost for both retailers and customers greater due to higher delivery expense.

I don’t mind these sets at all, lots of unique equipment for a lower price than piecemeal part purchases.

I am glad though that this is letting them be able to release more, especially with not a lot of other companies not really getting a whole lot out

I think these are a missed opportunity. While the stock and receiver are new, I wish E&S would have tooled up a longer barrel instead of reusing the MRAD one. They have also reused their S&B PMII optic for the umpteenth time - I think the Mk22 is issued with a Leupold?

I have all of the E&S MRAD color options, I’ll live with those. The suppressor option here is nice though.

I normally am a sucker for green guns, but I’m not a fan of the optic mount color, barrel color, or the price - I don’t need the extra junk thrown in with the rifle. I’ll echo what others have said in that I miss the days of their more affordably-priced sets without the extra additions to jack up the price.