Easy&Simple 06030 Weapon Set ???

Has anyone noticed that the number 06030 is still missing? We have the 06029 MK22Mod0 ASR Sniper Rifle Field Kit and the just anounced 06031 Doom’s Day Kit Weapon Set V. So 06030 is still missing! Any ideas and thoughts? Maybe a Tier 1 SMU Weapon Set? That would be great!

They love to keep the 10s blank with all the 260xx, but seems to be new with 060xx.

06031 is nothing for me except D.

I would hope for sth completely new, but in the end more M4 or MK12 like style rifles, I guess. With a bit of luck though maybe some SIG MCX or LVAW derivatives like Rattler or similar.

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Noveske 8.5" DG T&E rifle
URGI handguard variants
Navy and 24th STS Rattlers
MOS Glocks with proper optic cut slides

Well, at least the URGI handguard lengths seem plausible. :laughing:


I really like the urg-i boxes, I hope we get more complete packages like those.

All in for a pair of rattlers, although that’s a tiny weapon. Maybe they can bulk the box out with S&S plateframes and boss rugby shirts in different colors :stuck_out_tongue:

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